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Natural Way Mills Trust Review by Tyna Begley

24509 390th Street North East
Middle River, MN 56737

I was given the opportunity to review four different grain products from Natural Mills Way Trust. I incorporated these into my normal cooking and baking for my family. The items I received were: Pohonka’s Waffle & Pancake Mix, Organic 7-Grain Cereal, Gold N Wheat Flour, and 100% Organic Whole-Wheat Flour.

100% Organic Whole-Wheat Flour

This is a stone-ground flour of hard red spring wheat, with the bran and the wheat germ all included. I used this in place of my usual whole wheat flour when I made a couple of flatbreads and some dinner rolls. It performed perfectly, with no difference in taste or texture that anyone noticed. The 5lb bag that I was given is $5 on their website, although there are different package sizes to choose from.

Pohonka’s Waffle & Pancake Mix

This is a lovely buckwheat pancake mix. Very hearty—we were full for hours. The pancakes were fluffy and the waffles turned out nice as well. I had a 5lb bag, and there are directions on the package for both waffles and pancakes that are very easy to make! A 5lb bag shows at $9.13 on the website, and there are other sizes to choose from.

Organic 7-Grain Cereal

This is a hearty mix of grains! My husband and I loved this and were full for hours. The children, not so much. But my children normally eat cold cereal, so if your family often eats hot cereals, I think you will enjoy this one. A 5lb bag sells for $8.40 on the website.

Gold N White Flour

This is similar to an all-purpose flour, but with the wheat germ left in. So, you will need to use a bit more liquid or a bit less flour when replacing your usual flour. I really liked this. I made banana bread with it, and it was wonderful. The flour is a creamy white color and makes for a lovely golden colored bread. My 5lb bag sells for $5.25 on the website.

I would highly recommend Natural Way Mills Trust for your baking and cereal needs. All four products delivered exactly as promised, and I like knowing that they are grown and milled here in the United States. A much healthier option than your average grocery store finds, many are organic, and pricing is good too!

-Product review by Tyna Begley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018