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Bubba & Boo CD Review by Brittney Rutherford

Megan Schoenbohm

Megan Schoenbohm, the artist behind the new album Bubba & Boo, is a mother and musician with a lifelong background in music. Growing up, she studied multiple instruments and wrote her own songs, and then graduated with a degree in Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music. She currently teaches music classes and does interactive music performances at parties and events. Bubba & Boo is her debut albumand is a fun musical experience for children.

Megan is a mother of two, and after becoming a parent, her songwriting naturally transitioned towards family style music. Bubba & Boo, named after her children, includes ten songs, which clearly show a world filled with children, imaginative play and the everyday experience of parenting.

Being a parent and performing for children and families means she knows what most children will like, and what parents can tolerate. The lyrics are generally catchy and fun, but the music itself is more mature for the adult listener, while still being engaging for the little ones. It can sometimes be a hard balance to find songs appropriate for the whole family, but Megan has found a good balance.

Megan’s press release describes her as “earthy, edgy, free-spirited” and I would say this shows through in her music. Just to give you an idea what the songs are like, the song Bubba & Boo features two little cheetahs in Timbuktu complete with animal sounds, Friends We’ll Be reminds us that we’re all alike on the inside and to show kindness to everyone, Thank You sounds like a classroom song about being thankful, while Jenny Jenkins has an upbeat folk song sound. Whimsical, fun and free-spirited is exactly how I would describe the songs.

I think the ideal ages to enjoy the album is probably 2-6 years old. There are samples of the tracks on the artists’ website, and the album is available for $15. The digital download is available for $10. My three-year-old loves dancing around to the songs, but it is also the type of music you play in the car for your kids, or in the background while they’re playing or doing art, or just when you need a fun dance break. As a parent, it is just nice to mix things up with this album.

Product review by Brittney Rutherford, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2018