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More Time Moms Family Organizer Review by Kelly LaFollette

Joanne Lalonde Hayes
More Time Moms Publishing, Inc
(819) 771-0046
PO Box 455
Aylmer, QC, Canada, J9H 5E7

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In today’s busy world, it can be extremely difficult to keep everything on your family’s schedule organized. From school to sports, to church activities, holidays, birthdays, work, and play or lunch dates, the calendar can get filled up fast. I enjoy much of what technology has to offer, but there is something about writing everything down so it is in one location so that everyone can see it, that makes me a happy Mama. We have a central spot in the kitchen, designated for our family calendar, but the problem is there is never enough space for me to write everything in, and there is just 4 of us in my house, and a cat and a dog. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I heard about the More Time Moms Family Organizer.

The More Time Moms Family Organizer measures 15” by 22” when it is fully open, so it is easily double the size of the normal calendars you find in the store. Each calendar day has 10 lines and is a rectangle, so there is plenty of space to write in activities. It is a calendar that runs from October 2018 through December 2019; and includes over 500 fun stickers to add to your calendar. Some of the stickers are for birthdays, sports, and even a Movie Night sticker! There are holidays written out through the calendar already, moon phases, and there is also a spot to write in for projects, kid’s chores, and reminders.

Each month contains an encouraging quote from a famous person from history, and there is a spot for messages of gratitude, love and encouragement for your family. There is a pocket included in the back of the organizer so that you can keep important papers or bills, and also a place for important phone numbers and medical information. It is a colorful organizer and includes cute illustrations each month. There are also some yummy recipes in some of the months!

The More Time Moms Family Organizer is such a blessing at my house. My sons love being able to look at the calendar and see what we have going on for the week. It has helped me keep track of play dates, and dinner dates with friends. We have many events that go on in our community, and we are very involved at church, so it has helped me and my family know when we need to be where. It has also helped me manage household things like remembering to change the air and water filters. 

This would make a great gift for yourself, or a friend. You can see the level of time and devotion that went into making this organizer, and it has definitely made my life easier with all the planning that goes on with being a Mom. I also liked that the company who makes this organizer, donates 5% of their profits to children’s charities. There is much heart in this product, and you can feel it as soon as you open it. If you are looking to help keep your family activities organized, don’t look further than this product. I will definitely be buying next year’s organizer!

-Product review by Kelly LaFollette, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018

Another Reviewer Perspective:

More Time Moms Family Organizer

Joanne Lalonde Hayes

More Time Moms Publishing, Inc

The More Time Moms Family Organizer is a 15” by 11” (15” by 22” when open) calendar geared toward organizing your family. It was written by a mother who realized the need for mothers to have larger spaces on the calendar and more space to organize the busy lives that often happen during motherhood. Offered by More Time Moms Publishing, this calendar retails for $15.99.

Date squares are 2” x 3.5”. There are spaces for chores, plans, and blank lines in the margins for reminders and “messages of gratitude, love, and encouragement”. The 2019 calendar spans sixteen months, from October 2018 to December 2019. Holidays for both US and Canada are small and in the bottom right corner of those dates. The moon’s phases are illustrated, and there’s even the occasional recipe. Colorful cartoon-like drawings are on every page. It is spiral bound with a tight plastic spiral that has held up well thus far. The cover is heavily laminated and holds up well to the weight of the calendar. At the back there is a pocket for receipts and papers and a page with 546 stickers - over 350 stickers to mark dates with appointments, school events, birthdays, and more, plus more than 180 colorful stars suggested to use with chores and achievements. An inspirational (secular) quote is at the top of each month. Other than the traditional Christian holidays, there’s nothing that marks this as “Christian”.

Before I hung this calendar up, I marked down all of the family birthdays and the appointments we’ve made thus far. I also marked out which grades have PE for our co-op - and just like that, magic happened. The first time my son informed me he was wearing his sneakers instead of his beloved cowboy boots because he had PE that week was a magical moment. We didn’t have to figure out who’s turn it was! The kids took it upon themselves to check! In all our many years of co-op, this has never happened. The kids have loved having the calendar laid out for them. I’ve loved the independence this creates. There’s space for meal plans, reminders of things that must happen or things to be brought to events, and more. The colorful stickers help draw attention to important events, and there’s space at the back for Emergency numbers, important phone numbers, and medical card numbers. Just past that is a space to make notes for 2020. More than once I’ve been at the end of a calendar and made appointments I didn’t have a calendar for yet, so I’m declaring that to be a genius move!

This isn’t geared specifically for homeschoolers. The stickers are the only real give away, but those are definitely geared towards a traditional brick and mortar public/private school option. Occasionally there is the typical two-dates wrap when months begin on a Saturday, making those last dates of the month seriously crunched for space. Those are my only two “cons”, if you will. Otherwise, I love the huge areas and lots of spaces for extra info. The cartoons are specific for the month they adorn and are appealing and fun. I’ve never been one to make meal plans, but this calendar has me making attempts to use that space to be more organized. I haven’t given up my digital calendar, but I’ve found value in using both my digital calendar and my More Time Moms Family Organizer.  

I’ll continue to use both calendars. My digital calendar follows me wherever I go, and that’s helpful. However, I’ve really appreciated having it all in front of me, available to see even when I’m on my phone, and this way my kids see what our days ahead look like. I wouldn’t have said I’d go back to a wall calendar after several years without one, but the More Time Moms Family Organizer has proven to be a superior calendar and a super useful tool in keeping my family and home organized and running smoothly.

-Product review by Adrienne Falkena, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018