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Chalk Dust Geometry Review by Barbara DeLozier

Chalk Dust Company

Does the mere mention of the words "high school math" make you quiver? I imagine for most homeschooling moms that this is the case. We feel confident of our ability through general math, but when we hit algebra most of us feel the need to out source, unless we are blessed with a spouse who has the ability and time to devote to the challenge. One form of outsourcing is the video/DVD program. The benefit of using a video/DVD program is that parents are able to bring a tutor into their home who doesn't mind repeating lessons continually until concepts are mastered. Neither will he be offended if he is put on the shelf until the next of their progeny need his skills or is sold to another family when his services are no longer required.

When looking for that exceptionally qualified Geometry tutor with a proven success record, parents can confidently turn to Mr. Dana Mosely of the Chalk Dust CompanyChalk Dust Geometry has all the advantages of an excellent video/DVD math program: an excellent, yet not intimidating tutor in Dana Mosely, an interesting textbook, and exceptional support materials.

Though Dana Mosely's credentials make him amply qualified, having a Master's degree in mathematics and fifteen years of junior high through junior college teaching experience, he has a relaxed teaching style that makes him successful in explaining more difficult mathematical concepts in everyday, conversational language. The lessons are clear and methodical, laying out the conceptual material that will be needed in solving the variety of exercises assigned. Most of the instruction is done with Mr. Mosely teaching in front of a chalk board, but computer graphics are also used to illustrate concepts in ways in which a chalkboard is limited.

The textbook, Geometry/An Integrated Approach by Larson, Boswell, and Stiff is well organized, practical, and interesting. Each chapter begins with clearly cited goals with a practical reason to study these goals written underneath. The explanations and exercises to follow are organized around these goals. There is an ample variety of exercises to choose from, ranging from basic review to mixed and integrated reviews to exploration and extension, thus allowing the text to serve students taking Geometry for requirement purposes through advanced students desiring to go beyond basic instruction. There are additional passages of biographical and historical information throughout its colorful pages.

In addition to the textbook, the essential complete solutions manual is provided. Unlike most programs, Chalk Dust recommends a liberal use of the manual. Solutions to each and every problem offered in the text are exposed which is extremely helpful to not only find out if a student got the right answer, but additionally it allows average students who may desire to explore the more advanced exercises with a great deal of guidance.

Furthermore, for homeschooling families, the support materials available can be one of the most significant aspects in deciding on a particular video/DVD program. The support materials provided with Chalk Dust are exceptional. The first material you are requested to read is the aptly titled "Read Me First" packet. Within these pages the user will receive practical, step-by-step instruction on not only how to use this specific program, but how to approach Geometry in general. Here are found instructions regarding adjusting the material to your child's skill and interest level, on how to gain mastery, on grading, and how to access technical support on the website, as well as direct contact with the instructor, Dana Mosely. One doesn't even have to be "on-line" to gain access, a telephone will suffice. Once going through these pages, parents will feel confident that their children will be successful using Chalk Dust Geometry.

So if you are interested in bringing home a Geometry tutor, I would recommend considering Chalk Dust Geometry and instructor, Dana Mosely.  

--Product Review by: Barbara DeLozier, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine