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Jeannie's Crab Lake Christmas Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

David Mulford
Brown Books Kids
(972) 381-0009
16250 Knoll Trail, Suite 205
Dallas, Texas 75248

Jeannie’s Crab Lake Christmas is a playful holiday adventure that features breathtaking scenery. Penned by David Mulford, this story includes elements of his family holidays with his wife Jeanie. This hardback book is published by Brown Books Kids and available at various retailers online and in store for $19.99. 

Our holiday tale begins as the local animals hear that Jeannie is coming to Crab Lake for Christmas. The animals begin to spread the word eagerly to let everyone know that she is coming to visit all the way from Virginia. Upon arrival Jeanie, her husband, and the family settles in and that evening she is greeted by Pudgey the bear cub and his family. From there she holds conversations about memories of her visits with Mr. Woodchuck and the distinguished Bellknap Beaver. She also rides in a sleigh, dances, and enjoyed other festivities with deer, squirrels, chipmunks, weasels, rabbits, and much more. During her time in the woods, the animals shared their secrets for finding food, seeking shelter, preparing for the different weather, and other memories of Jeannie’s family.

We read through this story several times and enjoyed it more and more. The banter between the animals is cute, creative, and definitely perfect for children to hear and stay interested in. Initially, I was surprised that the main character was an adult but that actually worked out well for the story once the animals began to share their memories of her over the years. I think it is truly important to note how the scenery came alive not, just with the illustrations but with the language used by the author. Before you turned the page you already saw in your mind what you were going to be looking at next and that is a rare talent. Of course, the illustrator, Christine Cathers Donohue, took the words of David, and brought them to life. She portrayed the scenery, wildlife, and Jeannie beautifully. 

It is apparent that the forest animals truly feel that Jeannie is the kindest and most beautiful lady they know. They also show a fondness for her family’s visits to Crab Lake, especially at Christmas. David Mulford and Christine Cathers Donohue did a fine job of capturing the essence and imagination the Christmas season brings. We enjoyed Jeannie’s Crab Lake Christmas and will definitely be pulling it out again during the upcoming holiday season. 

-Product review by Ta’Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018