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First Words in the Bible Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Worthy Publishing
6100 Tower Circle, Suite 210
Franklin, TN 37067

First Words in the Bible, offers a creative and fun way to introduce young children to words frequently used in the Bible. It is the newest installment from Worthy Publishing’s The Museum of the Bible Books collaboration. This book features over 100 words from various topics and stories covered in the Bible.

First Words in the Bible is a twenty paged book filled with illustrations and simple vocabulary words for infants and toddlers. Colors, food, animals, household items, clothes, and jewelry are among the topics covered. The stories of the birth of Christ, Jonah, and creation are also covered. Scriptures from those bible passages are also printed at the top of the story pages.

This is a padded board book created with sturdy materials that make it easy for infant and toddlers to hold. Each page has three to seven words located next to a graphic. This makes it easy to point out the words while teaching little ones. The vocabulary is printed using a large, bold font making it easy for children to point out the words as well. This font size is also perfect for early readers.

Throughout the book lies vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching illustrations that my children loved. The bible story pages feature a scene that summarizes the tale. The vocabulary list pages feature the word and picture enclosed in separate solid colored backgrounds. All the pictures kept our youngest engaged while we worked through the book with her.

We used this book twice a week with our three-year-old daughter during reading time. She’s been interested in learning words so I used this book as a sight word guide for her. Since she recognized the pictures I just used this book to teach her to read the words. I would have her spell the words out, recite it, and write it three times each. After a couple of weeks, she was able to recognize several sight words. By the end of our review period, she could also point those words out when written on plain paper.

First Words in the Bible is a cute and whimsical beginner book that is good for children three and younger. This book is available at various retailers for $9.99 and I have seen it occasionally, on a few Christian book websites for 25% off. This would make a great gift at a Christening, baby shower, or toddler’s birthday party. Worthy Publishing did a fine job of pairing bright illustrations with easy-to-read essential words and common Bible phrases. 

-Product review by Ta’Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018