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MAX Ranger Bag Side Loading Review by Jennifer Smeltser

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130 McCormick Avenue, Suite 104
Costa Mesa, California 92626

Electronics have taken over our lives. Computers and telephones are items we no longer leave at home but take with us everywhere we go. Because of the mobility of these devices, they are lighter in weight and more delicate in material. That means the potential for damage to the device is higher. MAXCases produces a variety of accessories that help you protect your mobile device as it goes with you everywhere you go. We were given the MAX Ranger Bag Side Loading in black to review.

It amazes me people still carry laptops around without any protection over the computer itself. Not only are you risking getting scratches on the exterior of the computer, you risk dropping it and doing further damage to the device. Although laptops are more affordable today, not too many people can easily afford to purchase a replacement after that damage. Because of that, it just makes sense to purchase a protective cover.

MAXCases has been designing and manufacturing protective products for mobile devices used by education professionals and students for only five years. Within that time, it has managed to become a leader in protective accessories for mobile technology. Its line of products includes accessories and bags for computers from a number of topline companies and other products like iPads.

The MAX Ranger Bag Side Loading case is one of the many laptop bags sold by MAXCases. The bag is sturdy, compact, stylish and made to suit the on the go educator toting a laptop or the student who thinks their device is indestructible. It is made of material that “exceeds the MIL-STD-810 military drop testing requirements,” which gives you a good idea about the quality of the bag. Pretty much any device you carry in the bag is going to be extremely safe from being damaged if the bag is dropped while secured (zippered).

Whenever I purchase a new computer or cell phone, the device remains in the box until I have a carrying case for it to travel outside of my home. Just like I do not ride a bicycle without a helmet, I do not use my electronic device until I have a sturdy bag or case. That may sound a bit extreme to you, but I depend on my electronic devices for my livelihood, so I must ensure they are protected well. Receiving the MAX Ranger bag was timely since I had just recently purchased a new laptop.

The MAX Ranger Bag Side Loading case is black, double-handled and comes with the option of a shoulder strap.  It easily carries an 11-inch laptop and has enough room for the power cord in one section and a student or teacher I.D. and a cell phone in another section for easy transport. On the outside of the bag is a Velcro pocket where a small binder or school book(s) can be carried.

When using the shoulder strap, the zippered opening of the bag is at the top. The side loading design makes it easy to remove (and replace in the bag) not only after placing the bag on a flat surface, but also while the bag is on your shoulder.

The feature I really love about the MAX Ranger Bag is the “shock absorbing foam” that keeps the laptop safe and protected inside of the case if the bag is dropped. Since that is probably the main reason someone may purchase a MAXCases bag, that is important. The MAXCases bag keeps your device snug and protected.

Having the opportunity to use the MAX Ranger Bag Side Loading case, I can definitely see why MAXCases is a leader in protective accessories for mobile technology and agree with that designation.

-Product review by Jennifer Smeltser, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018