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Purity That Lasts Online Course Review by Esther Filbrun

Eric and Leslie Ludy
Set Apart Girl
655 Southwood Lane
Windsor, CO 80550

Purity That Lasts is an online course from Leslie Ludy with Set Apart Girl, and is geared toward helping young women with one of the most prevalent struggles in Christianity today: Staying pure in a sexually-saturated world. As a $50 four-week course, the main focus is on why purity is important in the first place, what our main focus should be, and how it can be practically lived out in our daily lives.

Each week, the student is given a video to watch. An accompanying study guide (which comes with the course) can be printed to help the student gain more depth. The study guide outlines the key principles from each video, as well as providing 5-6 “take it deeper” questions, each accompanied by a scripture reference. Further questions, usually around 4-5 per week, are provided for personal assessment and prayer.

The first lesson covers “Beyond Promise Rings: Understanding Where Lasting Purity Comes From”, emphasizing what purity is and how important it is to keep Jesus as the main focus of our lives. One section in this that I really appreciated was the discussion of covenants—what they are and aren’t—and the best way to build relationships (spiritual first, then emotional, then physical). It’s not the kind of discussion you hear just every day, so that was a refreshing side note. The second lesson focuses on building a lifestyle of purity, as well as a few guidelines for protecting physical purity when in a relationship. The third lesson deals with true femininity—having strength and dignity—and how to guard purity online and in our thought life. The fourth lesson concludes with a discussion on God-directed love stories, and what we should focus on as single young women.

Although this ecourse came in a busy season of my life, I appreciated the chance to get a re-focus onto Christ. One of my most favorite things about this course was how everything was constantly directed back to the Bible, biblical principles, and, ultimately, Jesus. As a single young woman, I found this course to be encouraging, with a good number of practical thoughts that I’m sure I’ll still be pondering for a while. Any young woman looking for encouragement in her walk with the Lord, or finding hope after failing to maintain her standards, or biblical answers to some of the most challenging questions we face today would find this course inspiring and uplifting.

-Product review by Esther Filbrun, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018