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Dream Pets Review by Lisa Rupertus

Dream Pets, LLC.
Phone 855-755-1965

Dream Pets were collectible toys which started in Japan, 1957, by toy designers Tochigi Mongi and Tomy for R. Dakin & Co. They were originally made from velveteen and filled with willow sawdust. Paige Nichols was a child collector herself and has revamped the product featuring a new soft plush style. They still have their signature dreamy eyes but are made with modern materials with modern consumers in mind.


There are over twenty designs in the current line featuring animals like hippos, elephants and even a Kangaroo. Each Pet has a delightful name to go along with its character. For example, there is Leo Lion who has soft teeth and mane. Each Dream Pet also has a dream statement telling the child what they are dreaming about. Mimi Octopus is dreaming about painting fish while Murphy Mouse is dreaming about hosting a cheese party.  All of this information is listed on the attached hanging tag.


Each of the animals is made with soft fabrics. Some designs have a variety of textures. There are pets with bright colors and pets with neutral colors. The most notable detail is their dreamy, sleepy eyes. These are perfect for boys and girls. Each Dream Pet is $14.99. Dream Pets also has a backpack clip line called Dream Puffs which features miniature versions of some of the same characters as well as a few unique ones. Dream Puffs are $5.99.


I have two little sons and both of their eyes lit up when our Dream Pets arrived. We received Murphy Mouse and Mimi Octopus. Each child had their eyes on which one they wanted immediately! My youngest chose Mimi Octopus and it was the perfect choice for him. He enjoys being able to rub his soft curly hair and the corduroy on his tentacles. Murphy Mouse is mostly made up of a soft plush but he has a velvet nose and nightcap. These are intended for children ages one and up, but I think you might have to use your own discretion with younger ones because of small details (like the hats that have balls on the ends.) We didn’t have any problems with them but my youngest is almost three now. These are really well made and have held up to my boys rough and tumble play. I like the idea behind a special collectible lovey that is for sleeping. Someone to cuddle with during quiet time. Dream Pets have been quite a hit in our house.

-Product review by Lisa Rupertus, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018