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The Ten Commandments DVD Review by Jennifer King

E. Calvin Beisner
Cornwall Alliance

So often I think we hear the Ten Commandments and we think of rules and regulations. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Often, I think we fail to see the character of God, his heart, that is within each one of these Commandments given. I think of how the Bible says that when we love Him, we keep His commands and they are not grievous; there is so much value to each one of these that were given to us and as we explore each one with E. Calvin Beisner inThe Ten Commandments lessons, what an amazing God we serve! 

There are twenty-three lessons, in thirteen modules, all in DVD format, as well as a study you can use online or print out. Each lesson is about thirty minutes long and whether you use this on your own or in a group, this is an excellent way to better understand and see the value of these commandments in our own lives. The study guide includes questions as well as resources to go deeper in your study.  

We begin learning about the historical setting in which these were given. In this, we have the opportunity to consider the relationship of the Israelites with their God as well as with one another. As we progress through these, we clearly see the great value that God places upon relationship. We also gain a greater understanding of what obedience means in our faith walk. 

As we go through each commandment we must ask ourselves what these mean for our life and how we can live them out. If we receive Him by faith, then we also walk in faith in Him. Do we even see the many ways we have broken these commands? He only requires repentance, obedience and faith from us. We can see more clearly, the simple ways in which we can live the law and love as we are called to love. 

As we study about the command to not misuse the name of God we also learn about the great value that was put upon a name in these times and in this culture.  We remember that His name is so much more than just a name. In all of these commands, God describes himself and shows his faithfulness throughout the generations. He always fulfills the promises he makes to his children. 

Did you know that gosh is actually a euphemism for God? In so many of these lessons we see ways in which we are violating the commandments of God, without even knowing that we are doing so. We are reminded that is all things there is a way that we are to live for this holy God and that He is a jealous, consuming God. We cannot be thoughtless or superficial in living for Him. 

There are many great revelations to be found as we seek to go deeper in our understanding of these commands. Every command, written by the finger of God, shows us what God values. We see his love and forgiveness in every one of them. As well as the character that God desires to see within every one of us. There is nothing in our life that we should put before our God. When we recognize the value of obedience to these commands we also help unbelievers to see the Lord as we live for His love and honor. 

What a powerful reminder these lessons are to examine ourselves. We cannot experience conviction in our spirit if we are not reflecting on all that we think and do. Can we ask God to wean us from sin more and more? God can enable us to focus; He is faithful and just. He can cleanse us from our unrighteousness. This is also a lesson in perspective; these commands were given in love and care yet too often we choose to see them as oppressive instead of freeing. How do we perceive, and think, on these things? 

It is good to reflect on the Word of God; as we go over each commandment we compare what we think we know, to what the Scripture says about each one. A constant reminder is woven throughout these lessons, we always ought to ask for God to teach us. For His wisdom is better. 

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2018