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The Heart of Homeschooling God's Way Online Course Review by Jennifer King

Bekki Sayler
A Better Way to Homeschool

I always knew that we would homeschool; there was never any doubt in my mind that this was the best way for my children to learn. Yet as the years progressed, and my children got older, it was not what it used to be. Where once there was curiosity and adventure, there was now rebellion and regret. If I am completely transparent, I began to question whether I really was the right person to train up my children in the way they should go. 

It was at this time that I was presented with the opportunity to enter into Bekki Sayler’s course, The Heart of Homeschooling God’s Way. This course is full of wonderful encouragement; the lessons are short and simple so we can enjoy them as we sip that coffee or tea. Where we struggle, or perhaps just need a bit of inspiration, she is that friend, iron sharpening iron. New or veteran homeschooler, this may be just what you are looking for if you need a new or fresh perspective on things. 

It all begins with the most important lesson of all: Yes! You are the Perfect Teacher for Your Kids. We simply must grasp this before we can truly move forward. We were chosen to train up the children we have, no doubt about it. So, as we move forward, we need to learn and observe the passions of our children – the purpose within them – so that we can best train their minds and their hearts. When we are loving God with all our heart, mind soul and strength, He will guide us, and we will be more than enough. 

Did you ever stop to consider what archery has to do with homeschooling? We are big lovers of archery here. Yet having never really looked at it from this perspective I did not see until today, that archery has everything to do with homeschooling! What is your target? We need those individual goals so that we can focus and hit the mark. And those targets won’t always be the same. Ready, aim fire? 

This isn’t one of those courses that gives you step by step instructions as to how to go about teaching your children at home. Rather, this is full of gentle reminders, that God gives wisdom. So many brilliant, simple tips and tools to help us along. So many wonderful gems to glean from these simple lessons.   This one even comes with a downloadable e-book to help you work though all of this and be encouraged. 

In all that we do let us remember the value that comes from taking the time to train their character.  Not sure how to get started? There are some great printables to help us really see our children. If we slow down and really see them. I think this was where I needed prayer; that God would show me them as He sees them.  It was quite a moment of revelation for me when I realized that, with my oldest son, I don’t really know who he is anymore. One of my favorite printables was a table that showed a variety of interests our children could have and then lists the tools our children ought to master to grow in that specific area. It can be so easy to forget that there are many great lessons being learned as we bake the cake or build a table.  

What can we learn from this? We can learn and grow in so many ways. From having a better understanding of our mindset; to knowing our children well. Seeing and seeking to walk in God’s purpose for their lives. I found this not just refreshing, but eye opening. As I completed lessons, I felt as though I was allowing God to truly search me and know me and change me.  

There are so many links to great places and people online; you can find a mentor or locate something that will freshen up your home school.  Enjoy and engage in this lovely course when you need that time of refreshing. 

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2018