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Planet 316 Story Bible for Toddlers Review by Amber Smith

Planet 316 Story Bible
(With augmented reality via their APP)
Planet 316
Worthy Publishing Group


The Planet 316 Story Bible with Augmented Reality is the children’s Bible with over one hundred stories that really comes to life. Really! Scanning the pages with your mobile device activates the live animation features in the Planet 316 Story Bible app.

The Planet 316 Bible Story App is easy to install by simply taking a picture of the QR code on the back cover of the book and is free to download. With the app open, you just scan any page of the Planet 316 Bible Story Bible or the Planet 316 Story Bible for Toddlers and watch the pages come to life.

The animals sway, rock and move. Birds fly through your screen. Audio sounds accompany the scene, delighting your little ones. Water splashes over the river rocks, crowds murmur and you can hear the big, grey, elephant trumpet in the beautiful, green, garden of Eden. The individual characters from the story book pages are interactive. Within the app your child can click on the character and they will speak. Towns folk cry out, characters repeat lines from the story. The pages are a delight to explore. Animals respond to your child’s touch by hiding and seeking or producing their own calls. Features from the scene respond to touch as well. Plants wave, water splashes, giving plenty of interactive play time.

A Digital Treat Without Drama

I am not one to let the little ones play on my phone. At home the kids are always asking to play, but I have NO games. We recently ran into a toddler melt-down situation. It was totally out of my control. I felt the kindest thing to do for my kiddo was to let him play a game while we waited for our long, adult-oriented ordeal to end, since I didn’t have our iPad, I loaded the Planet 316 Bible Story App onto my phone from the back of the book. The kids liked the interactive play and I liked the idea of having something that wasn’t an amped up coin fest or source of new game obsession.

This makes this Bible a great busy bag item. The kids can spend a good chunk of time exploring the pages. They oo and ah, over the characters, delighted to crowd around and take turns looking for fun interactive details.

The Perfect Introductory Bible for Little Ones

I read an article reviewing several Children’s Bibles a few weeks back. The author was severely adamant about the dangers of changing Biblical text and keeping context on the original story.

These are simplified Bible stories, but I read through the Planet 316 Story Bible with that article in mind. I feel like the folks at Planet 316 and Worthy Kids/Ideas have done a good job at introducing Biblical Stories and characters to begin a relationship of familiarity that will help them build on. Without changing or adding to the focus of the core narrative.

When introducing all other subjects, we offer a stripped down to the essence version the first time around. Math starts with 2+2. Science starts with a seed and a Styrofoam cup. The Planet 316 Story Bible starts with names and basic details of each character’s story.

I’ve used this in our elementary after school program as well as a fun treat in our church Sunday School class room.This Beginner Bible is perfect for little ones with short attention spans as well as kids with no church background, to begin to put names and stories together. This simplified version actually made it easier for my kids to quickly connect names to characters and summaries of the situations. Lack of other details meant fewer other details to get in the way.

-Product review by Amber Smith, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018