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Mobile Edge Sumo Messenger Bag Review by Kate Kessler

Mobile Edge, LLC
1150 N. Miller Street
Anaheim, California 92806
1 (866) 577-7774

I simply love messenger bags. I love the look, the way they carry across the back, and I really appreciate how many things they can hold! The Sumo Messenger Bag, from Mobile Edge, has all this awesomeness and then some. Not only is it sturdy and strong, it is beautiful and padded and full of pockets, and I firmly believe it could withstand a trek across Europe!

First the details: it was designed for laptops up to 16" or for Apple MacBooks up to 17", and is made from an incredibly strong water-resistant ballistic nylon. This bag is going to take a beating and come out just fine. It does not have Velcro, but this is a good thing. It has a large front flap with two very strong hidden cam buckles. Why does this matter? Velco wears out and is loud—especially in a library or in the classroom—but these are strong thick buckles that easily open. They will also hold your gear secure without fear of it flopping open while you walk or ride your bike.

Sumo - When I first saw the name, I did not understand it, but upon seeing the bag up close, the colorful multi-blue and black design is made up of little squat sumo wrestlers that look just like interlocking puzzle pieces. I did not even notice they were people-shaped until I looked closer. The bag is mostly black with colored blue sumo accents inside and under the flap, as well as across the big front closing flap. It was the gorgeous bright blue colors that initially attracted me to this bag.

There are two large hidden outside pockets that you might almost miss if you were not looking for them. One is on the flap and the zipper is on the blue/black seam so it blends in. The second is the whole of the backside and opens up along the top. The second one is a marvelously large pocket that measures 17" x 12" so it will fit larger flat items that need to be kept undisturbed by whatever you might place inside it. Inside too, has its own set of pockets that are meant for phones, pens, snacks, wallet, cords, or other sundry items you want to have with you. Another awesome extra is the corduroy-lined adjustable computer compartment, and two side pockets for a water bottle or other items you might need to access at the ready.

This bag is large and measures in at 19" x 12" x 6", has a long wide padded strap that can be adjusted from either side of the strap (so lefty or righty folks will not have to remove it from their body in order to adjust it). It also has a thick grab handle in addition to the long strap. The bag weighs in at just under three pounds so while it is light and soft, it is also extremely well-made and sturdy.

This is an excellent bag for travel as it is large enough to keep all your necessaries in it, but also has room for so much more. This will fall well under the size recommendations for flight, but will still afford you a lot of room for what you want to bring on a weekend getaway. I have nothing negative to say about this bag and am extremely thrilled to have it. Mobile Edge has taken the messenger bag and made it even better. The bag retails for $79.99 and is located at their website.

-Product review by Kate Kessler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2018