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Alexander Review by Jodi Galland

Harold Littledale
Purple House Press
PO Box 787
Cynthiana, KY 41031

Alexander, a classic children's story by Harold Littledale, uses the original illustrations of Tom Vroman and arrives wrapped in a fanciful, multi-color dust jacket. First published in 1964, Alexander has been passed through several generations in many families by now. I think our family copy was technically owned by my sister, but we all loved Alexander, the ill-behaved horse. Purple House Press has reprinted this lovely book for today's families.

At the end of a very trying day, young Chris recounts the naughty antics of a certain red horse with green stripes. Poor Alexander experienced many difficulties throughout the day, beginning with breakfast, into the playground, at the grocery store, and more. After talking with his father about Alexander's troubles, Chris muses aloud, wondering what's to be done with this misbehaving horse. Chris suggests several punishments, but his father reassures him that mommy and daddy would never choose a harsh punishment.

This beautiful story reveals to children the limitless love of a parent. No matter the trouble, they can come to their parents and find safety and devotion. So many stories that are written about strong feelings and poor behavior seem to be telling the child to learn self-control and perhaps offering a few steps to help, but today's children need to also know that a loving parent is the best guide when emotions are ruling them.

Alexander was written for children ages 4-8 to enjoy with their parents or begin reading solo. It's especially wonderful when read by a father to a son. What a joy it was to be able to introduce my children to some of the classic stories of my childhood.

Often, my husband and I have resorted to searching the internet for used copies of our favorite story books, only to discover the original books are priced at $80 or more. We are very grateful to Purple House Press which has reprinted some of these wonderful books as high-quality hardcovers, maintaining the charm and feel of the originals at a fraction of the original print's collector prices.

-Product review by Jodi Galland, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2018