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Solid Stepping Stones for the Christian Journey Review by Lori Hooten

Robert P. Lightner
Green Acres Press
(303) 681-9995
PO Box 22
Larkspur, CO 80118

Solid Stepping Stones for the Christian Journey by Robert P. Lightner is a study of the book of James, looking for the ways in which we are to step through life on our Christian journey. As is stated at the beginning of the introduction, this book is not about the ways and things to do or follow to become a Christian. This book is to help the one who is already a Christian find solid paths along which to walk and how to live the Christian life.

Dr. Lightner has written this book with the analogy in mind of walking across a stream or a pond and using stones to get across. Each of the stones must be strong and set solidly or the path is unsafe or difficult. When you use a solid stepping stone, you path becomes solid and sure. This is what Dr. Lightner sees in the book of James in the Bible. God laid down solid information for living the Christian life in this book and Dr. Lightner helps the reader pull some of those ideas off of the page and put them into practice.

Solid Stepping Stones is written in the standard 13 chapter set-up for devotional books. Each chapter tackles a portion of the book of James, working through it verse by verse. After referencing the verses, Dr. Lightner discusses them with imagery, quotes, and thoughts about how they apply to the practical, everyday living of the Christian. The end of each chapter contains the stepping stone: the practical applications of the verses to the Christian life. Each chapter of this book contains several and then the reader is encouraged to look deeper and find even more.

Throughout each chapter, the verses are referenced and discussed, though they are not quoted in their entirety. In order to gain the most practical uses of this book, it is helpful to have a Bible close at hand while studying this devotional book. Reading each set of verses the way God handed them down before reading the part of the chapter related to those verses really helps the reader understand what Mr. Lightner is saying and see the application he is encouraging.

Overall, Dr. Lightner's writing is interesting and has some practical applications. The imagery of seeing the principles as stepping stones on a journey is vivid. Approaching this commentary on the word of God from this perspective may help show the Christian the way to walk and a better way to live life. While the book was not a riveting read, compelling me to read it all at once, there is much insight to be gained in the slow and steady reading of this book alongside God's word.

-Product review by Lori Hooten, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2018