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MAX Extreme Shell for 13” MacBook Air Review by Cassie Deputie

130 McCormick Ave., Suite 104
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

There are many hats that a woman wears. The role of mother, wife, cook, secretary, planner, organizer, entrepreneur, teacher to name a few of them. I am one of these women. On top of managing a home of eight, I homeschool all six of my children, run a small business with my sisters, maintain a decently successful blog, lead worship at my church, record music, and help with our church radio station. I am constantly making spreadsheets, recording on Garage Band, and traveling around the country, and sometimes internationally, all with my computer by my side. My lap top is the heartbeat of what I accomplish as a modern woman.

I was blessed with the opportunity to try out MAXCases MAX Extreme Shell for 13” MacBook Air in blue over the last several weeks. I traveled out of state with it, I have cooked recipes in the busy kitchen with it right by my side, I finished up recording four music albums, and have accomplished so many feats with this amazing hard shell surrounding my most handy tool. I want to share what features this MAX Extreme Shell has and what I thought about it.

With as much as I have invested in my MacBook, and how costly of a purchase it was, having proper safeguards and insurance are crucial! This shell has a two-layer shock-absorbent polycarbonate co-molded shell with TPE edge and corner shock impact protection. This Extreme Shell exceeds military drop testing which is brilliant for life with six children! The case adds some bulk and weight, but not an uncomfortable amount. It’s much slimmer than I thought it would be, but it adds enough weight to make the top of the lap top snap down a little fast. This isn’t a criticism, just something to take note of.

I love the rubber on the corners of this case. It keeps my computer from sliding around on a slippery surface. It also protects the corners of the screen and base in case it is dropped on its edge.

The case is very easy to install (once you figure out which was goes up. A tutorial can be found on their website). It simply snaps in place. I have never had an issue with it coming off.

On the underside of the case are two little feet that can folded down so that you’re typing at an incline. I personally used these when I placed my computer on a surface that was dirty or had the threat of a liquid spilling near it (which is just about every surface in my house). This came in handy a number of times when I was cooking and had my laptop propped up on the kitchen counter. I was following my recipe when an egg missed the bowl and slid right under my computer not even coming close to touching the machine. Another time was when one of my boys was doing his school on the computer and a cup of milk spilt, again, spreading its white pool all around the base of my laptop without even threatening my computer!

I had complete ease of mind traveling with my MAX Extreme Shell case. It stayed in my briefcase and I had no fear of it being packed alongside my luggage since I knew the hard shell would provide more than adequate protection. I even left my computer on the floor of someone’s home where their toddler stood on top of it! This case not only stands the military drop test, but the toddler standing test too!

There are vents built into the bottom the case so that your computer doesn’t over heat. Around the sides of the bottom shell are open slots for all your plug-in ports. I was still able to have my headphones, my USB microphone, a second USB device, and the power cord plugged in at the same time without any issue. I also love that this case is transparent, so I can see my Apple logo through it.

I adore this case and can’t imagine not having it now! It’s perfect for the many hats I wear and the many roles I play. The price is well worth what the product offers - peace of mind. It has stood the test of our household’s busy lifestyle! I have showcased this MacBook Shell from MAXCases in so many places and a great number of people have expressed that they have always wanted something like the MAX Extreme Shell.

-Product Review by Cassie Deputie, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2018