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Extreme Folio for new iPad (Gen 5-6) Review by Wendy Robertson

Max Cases
130 McCormick Ave., Ste 104
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

I’ve had my iPad (5th generation) for over a year, but for some reason never got around to getting a case for it. I know that was a bit risky, especially since my kids often use it for school and recreation. When I learned that Max Cases was offering some cases for review, I immediately went to their site to see if they had one that would work for my device (and my tastes). It didn’t take long to find the one I wanted: the Extreme Folio for new iPad in pink - my favorite color. This case is available in many colors (blue, gray, orange, pink, purple, and red) and can be purchased for $49.95.

The case arrived quickly to my location, and it was very easy to snap my iPad into place. A quick look at where the holes in the case were told me in which direction to place my iPad so as not to block the camera, speakers, microphone, or charging and headphones ports. With just a tiny bit of pressure to push it in, my device was now protected!

Since I installed my iPad into the case about 4 weeks ago (from the writing of this review), I haven’t removed it. There’s no reason to. Everything is completely accessible (see previous paragraph), as it should be. I’ve had no problem using my iPad exactly as I did before. If anything, I like using it even more now. The case has an almost suede feel to it, which is nice in my hands. The screen cover (not a screen protector, just a cover for when you’re not using the device) doubles as a stand, so if you’re sitting at a table or something when you use your device, you can have it propped up for easier vision. This feature is also great for watching videos, as you (at least I) rarely want my iPad lying flat if a video is playing. To make the stand feature work, you just open the screen cover all the way around (it’s very flexible and easy to do) and tuck the flap into the opening on the back of the case. I love that it’s completely self-contained and you don’t need anything extra to make it work.

One of my favorite features is the screen cover. You see, it does more than cover and protect your screen when you’re not using the device. I’m not sure how it does it, but it somehow works with your iPad to automatically lock the screen when you close the cover. It’s like magic! This is designed as a battery saving option, but it also works as a “keep the kids out of it” feature - provided they don’t know your password.

I could not be happier with this case. It does everything I’d hoped it would do and more. I feel very blessed to have been chosen to review it and am looking forward to being able to buy one for my husband’s iPad soon. Of course, I don’t think I’ll pick pink for him!

-Product review by Wendy Robertson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2018