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Circuit Conductor Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Pai Technology

Pai Technology is known for creating STEAM products that pair well with Augmented Reality applications and this kit was no exception. Our children were ecstatic to learn all about electricity via the Circuit Conductor. This educational kit combines technology, imagination, problem-solving, and critical thinking to create a unique learning experience.

The Circuit Conductor is a boxed kit that includes 12 blocks that exhibit different electronic functions and specially insulated wires. The wires connect to the blocks using magnets and create circuits once attached.  This device works with an augmented reality app which leads your children through various projects.  This app is available on Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes and work on tablets and mobile phones.  You will also need to place two AAA batteries into the battery block for these experiments to work.  The kit also includes a mat to lay the pieces on while in use as well as an LED light fountain.

After opening the Circuit Conductor app you will be given three options: Scan, Learn, and Puzzle. While using the Learn function your child is walked through steps to build various circuits. This is a leveled section and each completed lesson unlocks the next one. After all, tutorials are completed the next level unlocks and this continues until Level 4 is completed. Each level advances in difficulty yet continues to educate your child on the intricate components of electricity. Once each circuit is completed, you can use the Scan function to reveal the electrical flow in real-time.  The Puzzle option includes four problem-solving scenarios.  Each one is easy to solve if your child has already completed Level 2 in the Learn section.

To pair some teaching time with this kit I created a unit study with some library books and a few worksheets for Bear, our 10-year-old. Since the littles enjoy participating too I found coordinating books and also created worksheets for them. After two days of lessons, we worked with the Circuit Conductor for three days. Initially, I led our younger two through a few processes via the iPad app. It did not take them long to catch on to the process and both Bam Bam, four years old, and Princess, three years old, could easily connect the pieces.  They only needed help scanning the finished circuits because the iPad is so big. Bearwas able to work through this completely alone without any assistance from me.

Here is what our children thought about the Circuit Conductor:

"This is so fun!" Princess, 3 years old

"I like this a lot. It was cool playing with it and making stuff. I want to play this every day with my brother and sister." Bam Bam, 4 years old

"I think that this is cool and makes it easy to learn about how electricity and circuits work. This is a great way to make an electricity lesson creative and will get the children excited. This will be good for children ages 4 to 6 with assistance. Children 7 to 11 will be able to work these items and the app without help. Since this conducts electricity, I think any child using this should be watched by an adult." Bear, 10 years old

Overall, the Circuit Conductor by Pai Technology was a grand addition to our homeschool and paired well with the unit study that I created. The blocks and cords are easy to work with and the application was easy to use.  The increasing level of difficulty was challenging enough to keep all my children engaged and entertained without any frustration.  Giving children a hands-on experience for subjects like this creates lifelong memories for all involved. We have used this weekly since completing our unit study and I have enjoyed watching them play with it and have even played with it myself.

-Product review by Ta’Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2018