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Artisan Goat Milk Soap Review by Kate Kessler

Black Raspberry Vanilla - Lush Lavender - Citrus Infusion - Coconut Lime Breeze
Simple Life Soap, LLC
Ephrata, PA 17522

I love artisan soap. I am always striving to find a brand that fits my high standards. I have to say that I really love Artisan Goat Milk Soap, from Simple Life Soap, LLC, and it has absolutely met the high standards I have been looking for. I am extremely picky when it comes to soaps. I want my soap to do a few things. The first is, of course, to clean well. I want my soap to smell nice and not leave any greasy residue on my skin. I also want it to hold its shape when it sits in the shower or on the countertop. Simple Life Soap does all these things and I am thrilled with it.

Simple Life Soap, LLC, sent me four different soaps: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lush Lavender, Citrus Infusion, and Coconut Lime Breeze. Each bar is 3.5” x 2.25” x 1” wide (4.5 oz) and has a lovely scent that doesn’t overpower your senses, but the soap does hold its scent all the way through to the end of the bar. They note on their site (and I do below) the “scent strength” and I would agree with the assessments. The ingredient list for each one is noted below. As you can see the ingredients are marvelous and simply feel good on our skin.

Black Raspberry Vanilla (Scent Strength: Medium)

Ingredients are: tallow; coconut oil; water; goat milk; sunflower oil; lye (saponifying agent); fragrance; olive oil; shea butter; alkanet root powder (for color)

Citrus Infusion (Scent Strength: Light)

Ingredients are: coconut and palm oils; water; olive oil; lye (saponifying agent); goat milk; essential oils of orange and grapefruit; castor oil

Coconut Lime Breeze (Scent Strength: Light)

Ingredients are: tallow; coconut oil; water; sunflower oil; lye (saponifying agent); coconut milk; goat milk; fragrance; olive oil; shea butter

Lush Lavender (Scent Strength: Strong)

Ingredients are: tallow; coconut oil; water; goat milk; sunflower oil; lye (saponifying agent); olive oil; shea butter; lavender essential oil; Brazilian clay (for color)

Not only do each of these soaps feel good on our skin, they really work to remove daily facial oils, make-up, the grime of active kids, and the aftermath of working out. I really love using these soaps on my face as the end result is soft and fresh. The biggest “test” for me was how well the soaps held together when wet or on the counter. Most artisan soaps just don’t hold up, but these are amazingly solid and hold up beautifully. They don’t get slimy and they last and last for a long time. I have been using these for a few months and for only $7.00 each, these are amazing. 

My favorite of the four I was sent is Lush Lavender. If you enjoy lavender, you will really like this one. It is a strong sent, but I love it. The appreciated all the scents. They were fresh and energizing and blended wonderfully. Simple Life Soap, LLC, does not use preservatives, parabens, chemicals, or artificial colors. They make their soaps in small handcrafted batches, and they even make unscented bars for those with sensitivities. I highly recommend the soaps from Simple Life Soap, LLC, and am thrilled I was able to use them.

-Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Director, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2018