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Sharks – A Top Score Game Review by Renita Kuehner

Laurence King Publishing LTD
+44 (0)20 7841 6900
361-373 City Road
London EC1V 1LR
United Kingdom

We recently had the opportunity to review a super fun educational game. Sharks – A Top Score Game, from Laurence King Publishing. This Top Score Card Game is a definite must for shark fans and animal lovers!

The Sharks – A Top Score Game takes shark facts and turns them around into fast paced game fun. It is super easy to play and can be played with both readers and non-readers alike with some slight adjustments.

Each deck features 32 fact-based cards about various sharks. Depending on how many players that you have in your group, you distribute out the cards to each player. You can play with as few as two players. After evenly handing out the cards, game play is ready to begin. The directions are super easy. Each player must choose what fact they want to be superior in. It could be how scary a shark is, the best predator, the longest, or even heaviest shark. When someone choses a category, you quickly check your hand of cards to see the highest fact number for that category. Lay your highest card down quickly. If there’s a tie, then you choose again for that category until someone wins that pile of cards. The person with the most wins, will win the game.

Sharks – A Top Score Game can go very fast when playing with older kids, but non-readers can play also. Simply help them to recognize the number order. They will quickly recognize which category is which, and they will be so excited thinking they are already reading. Caty, Lydia and I have been enjoying this card game, and we have pulled it out several times with friends. It travels well, is budget-friendly, and goes great with ocean unit studies that you may be studying.

Sharks – A Top Score game is a definite must for fun and education!

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2018