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The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read Review by Cristina Grau

Irma Simonton Black
Purple House Press
PO BOX 787
Cynthia, KY 41031

No matter our age, picture books never get old. From sturdy board books to wordless wonders, these illustrated works of art never fail to hold our attention. Amongst our favorite are stories which reach the heart and encourage the reader to become a little wiser. The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read from Irma Simonton Black and Purple House Press is a charmingly cute story which will have your family smiling from ear to ear and learning the value of the written word.

The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read is a classic picture book written by Irma Simonton Black available now for $18.95. Suggested for ages three to six, this hardback book explores the value of learning to read and the consequences of choosing to live in ignorance. This whimsical tale, told with humor and grace, portrays the frustration of a little old man who got everything all mixed up because he could not read. With charming illustrations by Seymour Fleishman, families will love this ageless story.

While one might expect picture books to be chosen for our children, I specifically wished The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read for myself. Picture books are an addiction in our home, and I knew this book would be the perfect addition to our collection. The adorable illustrations drew my attention long before we cracked open the pages of the book, and I was not disappointed in my choice. After reading through this likable book on my own, it was quickly passed around the children in our home and eagerly shared with visiting friends with young children. For both young and old, The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read became an instant hit. 

Being a picture book, The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read is a short read; easy for young children to understand and simple for beginning readers to finish on their own. Seymour Fleishman does a fantastic job of capturing each moment of the story through whimsical illustration, charming us with each new page. Families will find The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read to be absolutely wonderful. Children will be tickled by the little old man and his unexpected mishaps. They will sympathize with him as he prepares to enjoy his meals, only to discover he has purchased all the wrong ingredients. Parents will appreciate the story's underlying, important message regarding the value of learning to read. 

The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read is everything lovely. Filled with heart, this story is sure to win over even the most reluctant of readers and charm your family into reading it again and again. 

-Product review by Cristina Grau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2018