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Hunting Miracles: Ancient & Modern Review by Jennifer King

Dr. Tom C. Rakow
Rock Dove Publications
PO Box 203
Silver Lake, MN 55381

My husband recently took up archery with our two boys. While we are not really avid hunters, we do enjoy the variety of experiences come along with hunting. It can indeed be a very powerful experience; and certainly, the history of hunting can be an amazing thing as well. To see the hand of God, in hunts throughout the years, certainly ins encouraging as well!

I came to find out upon receiving this book, that there is a series, The Biblical Art of Hunting. I don’t know about you, but I always love to read, especially books that interweave the Bible and God’s amazing creation into it.

Each story within this book, is short and simple. That was a great thing to see since I really wanted my oldest son to read this, and he just does not like to read. But he was definitely intrigued by takes of “hunting miracles” and being that he is eager to hunt one day with his dad, this was a fun way for him to experience the hunt for himself, at home.

We began reading with the story of Isaac and Rebekah and their great conspiracy and the lesson we can learn from a “miracle” that involved deception and an invocation of the Lord, for selfish gain. How often do we perhaps make this mistake ourselves and build or “hunt” after something, without really having the Lord’s blessing? A wonderful lesson to start out with!

As we read these stories we travel through time and meet some most amazing hunters; we read about the signs and wonders that Saint Eustace experienced while out on a stag hunt. We learn all about the ministry of Jack Miner, who is the pioneer of waterfowl tagging. We also get to read the story of his amazing experience hunting moose. I honestly had no idea people hunted moose at all. Since my boys wondered why hunt a moose, we had to look that one up. Turns out some people eat them.

As we read, I often was reminded of how the scriptures speak of “everything that hath breath praising the Lord.” Perhaps there is something praiseworthy in the act of hunting. It is a reminder too of how fragile life is.

There are stories that tell amazing tales of encounters with God; a hunter who experiences the Lord through the hunted. We are reminded of the value and power of prayer in the story of the Lord of the Wood Ticks. So many of these stories are testimonies to how God is in control and all creatures even, are show His glory and His power.

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2018