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Rose Book of Bible & Christian Time Lines Review by Jennifer Harrison

Rose Publishing
PO Box 3473
Peabody, MA 01961-3473 USA

Rose Publishing is famous for their maps and timelines in books and charts. They provide amazing visual tools to help Christians grow in their understanding of the Bible, history, and the faith. The Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines is a staple resource that they provide. It covers more than 6000 years at a glance and includes a removable 20-foot timeline that compares Bible and world history.

This is a hardcover book, with the timeline printed on heavy chart paper. The chart is folded into pages for the book, but it can also be slipped out of the binding and attached to the wall if you like. The first page of the timeline begins with Creation to Abraham and lists the life-span of men listed in the family line of Abraham, beginning with Adam. It is fascinating! The ages for each person is listed and shown with a red line that represents the length of their life. Each descendant’s line is shown underneath his parentage and compares the length of each life span. With this visual aid, you can see who was alive to see their great-great-great grandkids. Something I never realized before this tool, is that Noah would have been alive to see the birth of Abraham!

The timeline itself begins on page two, and it includes 29 pages of colorful and informative history. The key is on page one and it helps to identify Bible Developments, Church Council, Key events, Key persons, King of Israel, King of Judah, Bible history, World history, and timespans. The timeline begins with 2200 BC and continues through 2005 AD.

This resource is incredible. With a glance, one can see overlapping events and can visualize things in their proper context. Did you know that Ezra, Joel, and Nehemiah all lived at the same time as Socrates? That Confucius was born before Daniel died? That the Apostle John could very well have seen Rome burn?

About halfway through the book it switches from Bible history to Christian history and continues to compare them to world history. With a glance, you can see that Stephen the Martyr lived during the same age that London was founded and Buddhism was introduced to China. The Nicaean creed was written during the same age as the Classic period of the Mayan civilization and during the first Gupta dynasty in India. Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses soon after Copernicus published his shocking report that the earth revolves around the sun. So many interesting overlaps!

My family is studying Ancient history this year in our homeschool. This book has been an amazing tool for visually SEEING when history happened. I love that it will continue to be a valuable resource throughout all of our history studies, through modern times.

This amazing resource is sturdy and colorful. It holds up to my family’s rough handling amazingly well. Each page has colorful timelines, but also incredible images, with interesting facts inserted. The timeline isn’t overwhelmingly crammed; it is just right. The cost of this indispensable resource is $29.99, and it is well worth the investment.

-Product review by Jennifer Harrison, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2018