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Living Gracefully - Practical Proverbs For Women Book 2 Review by Patti Pierce

Dara Halydier
Abiding Truth Ministry
PO Box 3102
Early, TX 76803

Living Gracefully - Practical Proverbs For Women Book 2 is the second workbook in this series created by Dara Halydier.  This Bible study is a consumable workbook which includes eight weeks of lessons.  For each week, there are five daily lessons to be completed along with group discussion questions.  There is an Appendix which consists of the passage of Proverbs 3:13-26, a recommended reading list, and a leader's guide.  There are also Endnotes and an "About the Author" section.  It may be used by individuals or in a group setting.  The workbook covers Proverbs ten through thirty-one.  It covers topics ranging from pride to greed versus giving, to a look at work, using words wisely, anger, our bodies, raising children, love, and marriage, and examines the Proverbs 31 woman.  Women between the ages of sixteen to one hundred will benefit from this workbook, which costs $16.95.  The only extra items needed for this workbook would include your preferred translation of the Bible, a writing instrument and possibly highlighters.  A journal or other notebook may also be useful.

Each week is broken down into sections to read along with questions to answer.  These questions range from fill-in-the-blanks to more involved answers.  At the end of each day, there are questions to think about as well.  Scripture passages are given to look at and study during the study.  Any woman who is concerned with learning and studying the Bible will find this workbook useful.  This workbook would make an excellent Bible study for either a homeschooling mother, a homeschooling mother and her daughter or even a homeschool group of mothers and their daughters to use in a group setting.

For this review, I did the study alone.  Because it is a study of the Bible, I feel any woman or girl ages sixteen and up would benefit from this study.  It does go sequentially through Proverbs ten through thirty-one.

As a busy homeschooling mother of four, I am always looking for ways to ensure I spend time in God's Word.  I found this study to be a perfect way to accomplish that objective.  I found the reading and questions to be enjoyable and provide a wealth of information and insight.  I plan on redoing this study with our daughter who will turn sixteen in a few months.  However, I will probably begin with book one first.  As someone who is already familiar with the Bible, I had no difficulty with beginning with book two.  But for someone who prefers to do things in order, I definitely would recommend beginning with book one. 

I felt this workbook did an excellent job discussing and covering the information found in Chapter ten through thirty-one in the book of Proverbs.  However, as with any Bible study, there is always room for more research or independent work to gain more insights.  If you are someone who enjoys reading, answering questions in a workbook and having a discussion, this workbook would be perfect for you.  On the other hand, if you prefer to have a lot of colorful illustrations, you may want to look for another Bible study.  Or if you want a Bible study with videos, you may prefer to find another  Bible study.

I enjoyed Living Gracefully – Practical Proverbs For Women Book 2 and would recommend it.  As someone who loves spending time in God's Word, I found this workbook to be an enjoyable way to make sure I was spending time with God each day.

-Product review by Patti Pierce, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2018