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Cutie Stix – Friendship Collectible Bracelets Review by Jennifer Ladewig

Maya Toys
10741 Walker Street
Cypress, CA 90630

Cutie Stix – Friendship Collectible Bracelets,by Maya Toys, were a super hit with my 10-year-old daughter. Each pack of different EZ Cut Cutie Stix come pre-cut so that they are easy to break apart. Each pack includes 5 EZ Cut Cutie Stix, 3 Mighty Beads, 1 Target Exclusive Avocutie® Bead, 2 Sets of Jewelry Clasps, 2 Cords, and 1 Instruction/Collector Sheet. Each packet makes two bracelets. A packets retails for $4.99.

The Friendship Collectible Pack is a Target ® exclusive and can only be purchased at Target ®. The Avocutie® Bead is also an exclusive bead only for Target®. So, my daughter was very excited to find out which special bead she would get in the two packs that she had! Both packs were Series 1 packs. Series 2 are coming soon. The first thing that my daughter did after opening the bag was to look to see which Mighty Beads she had. The Mighty Beads and Cutie Stix are broken down into 5 different categories: Ultra Rare, Animals, Emojis, Treats, and Garden. Each of the categories besides the Ultra Rare also contains what is called a Rare Beads. Some of the whimsical names given to these soft, marshmallow like beads are: Sassy Kisses, Cutiecake, Bitesized, Ribbet, Wonder Poo, JoJo, Cute N’ Tangy, and Wish Upon a Cutie. The first step is to separate the Cutie Stix into individual Beads. Next, you will want to insert one end of the cord through a jewelry clasp, tie a double knot, and then pull the cord into the clasp. You can now start creating and designing your unique bracelet by placing beads on the cord. When finished insert the other end of the cord through a jewelry clasp, tie a double knot, pull the cord through, and snap the clasps together. You will have enough beads to make two bracelets.

This is recommended for ages 6 and above. This would be a perfect activity for sleepovers, camp, hot summer days, movie watching, birthday parties, gift giving, or just for fun! My daughter had so much fun creating her bracelets and three weeks later she is still wearing them. She wears them when taking showers, playing outside, and never takes them off. They have held up very well. One bracelet broke but it was very easy to fix. The cord that comes with the kit is very stretchy and I was able to fix it without using new cord.

I would definitely recommend Cutie Stix – Friendship Collectible Bracelets.

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018