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Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise Review by Jennifer Ladewig

Maya Toys
10741 Walker Street
Cypress, CA 90630

Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise,by Maya Toys, were a HUGE hit with my 10-year-old daughter! Each Wowzer Surprise globe contains its own Magical Wowzer Series 1 Magical Pet. Instructions are given as to how to activate the Orbeez beads contained in the globe in order to reveal which magical pet you have. You can visit for more information. Each Wowzer Surprise toy retails for $5.99.

Let me just say, my daughter was more than exited to play with the two Wowzer Surprise toys that she got! Once you take off the outer wrapper you have what looks like a globe. It kind of reminds me of a mini gumball machine, except it is filled with Orbeez beads instead of gumballs. Next, you unscrew the top and tube the globe, foal seal off. Step three, you replace the globe cap and remove the fill water cover. Using a cup, you then fill the display globe with water. This is when the MAGIC happens!! Your Wowzer Surprise Magical Pet will appear. I will admit, it is pretty cool to watch the Orbeez bead turn translucent and all of the sudden you have what looks like a mini aquarium. There are 20 different pets in the Series 1 Magical Pet collection. My daughter grabbed the Magical Pet guide to figure out which pet she got and its name. There is one Super Rare and one Rare pet in the series. My daughter did not get either of those. My daughter got TweetHeartwho is “life of the party, enjoys living life to the fullest” and Finny who is “shy & timid but brings good luck to all.” There is a spin key so that your child can rotate their pet for dancing action. They can also take the pet out and play with it. You can drain the water and replace all of the components and play again. Series 2 is coming soon!

My daughter absolutely loved her Wowzer Pets, playing with the globe, and using the key to twirl her pet around and around in the water filled with Orbeez beads. For the price I would most definitely purchase these again. My daughter is now obsessed with wanting all 20 of the pets in Series 1. The website lists these for ages 5 and older. I agree that age 5 is about right due to the Orbeez beads and choking hazard. This would be a great slumber party or birthday party idea. With the heat of the summer upon us, this would be a great, fairly inexpensive, way to entertain the kiddos indoors. Needing a gift idea for the next time your child has to go to a birthday party!

I would most definitely recommend Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise. They are fun and very entertaining for kiddos.

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2018