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Giant a Panda of the Enchanted Forest Review by Lori Hooten

Xuan Loc Xuan
Fox Chapel Publishing

Giant pandas are fascinating animals. Listed as a vulnerable species on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature list, Gianta Panda of the Enchanted Forest by Xuan Loc Xuan is a children’s book written to try to help bring attention to the habitat loss that is threatening this species.

Giant is a giant panda living in a forest. As the story opens, we find him dozing off after a nice meal. He remembers the forest where he used to live with his brother and the village not too far away that cared about the forest and its animals. He is woken up by one of the bamboo trees with a warning - a fire is coming. Giant tries to do all he can to help stop the fire. Many different attempts are made until one is finally successful. In the end, the forest is saved, and Giant is reunited with his brother.

This is a nice little story, though some parts are difficult to follow. There are a couple of places that the storyline jumps and doesn’t hold a continuous story. Regardless, the story is fun. The illustrations are playful and cute, keeping the story moving forward and really adding a joyful element to the picture book.

Giant a Panda of the Enchanted Forest is a charming picture book that anyone studying the animals or habitats of Asia will enjoy. The author, a native of Vietnam, illustrates the story with lots of light and engaging images. Children will easily relate to her story and illustrations and the way they bring giant pandas to life.

-Product review by Lori Hooten, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018