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Leading a Controlled Life in a Lust Driven World (DVD) Review by Violet F.

The Overcomers Series
Pure Life Ministries
14 School St.
Dry Ridge, KY 41035

This series consists of two main videos, both are roughly an hour long with the setting of a church sermon, opening and closing in prayer.  The first video in the series is called Driven by Lust given by Dustin Renz.    I was going into this video thinking it was strictly going to cover sexual sin.  But, right off the bat I realized lust encompasses much more than just sexual desires.  To lust after anything is to put it before all others and everything else in your life… to set your heart onto something is to desire it above all things.  To hear how Satan can exploit our passions in life and make them self-serving really hit home for me personally.  That sums up a lot of what I see in the world these days, but also in my own life if I was to look closely.  This takes us back to the real root of sin…ourselves. 

The first portion of this video explains the fact that we spend our lives trying to fill this God shaped hole in ourselves with stuff, money, status, relationships and much more just searching for fulfillment.  When we were never made to feel fulfilled with those things… only with God.  It really makes you think on where the desires of your heart are, asking yourself if you are truly living for the Lord or self.  I was left with the words where you lay your heart at is also where your treasure is in my mind.

The next portion of the series was called Living to Please Another given by Nate Danser.  It was wonderful, hearing the message of being called to be separated from the world.  We are meant to be set apart, not meaning in a physical sense, but mentally and in our hearts.  We are to be radically different from them in our goals, priorities, ambitions, pleasures and our motivations.  Wow, I’m not going to share it all, but if you want to overcome this lust driven culture of ours this video series and your Bible is where you need to start.  It’s not talking about overcoming Satan or the culture, it’s talking about overcoming yourself.   Asking yourself what are you striving for daily, do you know how to deal with idolatry of the heart?  Ever asked yourself that before?  I hadn’t but wow the battle plans that are given out in this video to overcome covetousness are eye opening.  The passion and conviction in this video can be felt though the screen, I encourage even teens should have the opportunity to watch this.  I know I will be sharing with my two oldest.

The Bonus features were interesting, to see the short documentary on how we went from humble God-fearing beginnings to a land of desire.  It was shocking how pictures and images came into the marketing field to try and sell more products to the consumers.  So, who is this video series for?  Anyone who is looking for something more in their lives.  Husbands and wives, young and old couples, even teenagers along with their parents would be fine.  This isn’t just for those who struggle with addiction, it’s for all of God’s people to watch.

-Product review by Violet F., The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018