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Sip & Spin Straw Sippy Cups Review by Emily Schnetz

NuSpin Kids
Long Beach, CA

The Sip & Spin Straw Sippy Cup is a sippy cup that is intended for babies from twelve months and up. The sippy cup is designed to encourage toddlers to stay hydrated by providing an incentive as they drink. The pinwheel spins around creating a fun activity for the toddler. The cup also comes with the Zoomi straw which doesn’t make the pinwheel spin but is easy for babies and toddlers to drink out of. The Sip & Spin cup is dishwasher safe and there are three Sip& Spin designs: monster trucks, safari, and butterfly’s. This sippy cup retails at $12.95.

I used this sippy with my toddler. We used it at both meal time and while out and about.

I enjoyed using this sippy as did my toddler. It is easy for her to hold and drink out of by herself. The spinning pinwheel seemed fun, but I think she lost interest after a while.  I like that it is so easy to clean and put back together. Also, I also like that it came with the Zoomi straw as we ended up using that more often than the Sip & Spin. The designs are fun too! I did notice that the straws leaked quite a bit which is difficult when traveling, I think having a cap of some sort for the sippy would be a great enhancement to the cup. Also, the price tag is a little high for us, compared to other sippy cups on the market this one is almost double the price. Granted it has the spinning pinwheel but I don’t think that is worth the extra money.

Overall, I think this is a fun sippy cup. The simplicity is awesome! I also like how easy it is for my toddler to hold and drink out of with minimal assistance. However, I don’t think this would be something I would purchase. The price is between $11.95 - $12.95 each and the Sip & Spin part didn’t hold my toddlers’ attention.

-Product review by Emily Schnetz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018