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The Wayfaring Strangers – Big Sam CD and Unit Study Review by Jennifer King

The Creation Adventure Family

Who doesn’t enjoy an exciting story of the wild west? Especially for my boys, I think these are the stories that never grow old for them. There are so many things that inspire them in learning and in play. And since this summer is a busy one for us, I was thrilled to get my hands on a copy of this one!

We are big fans of Jonathan Park; so much so that my kids almost immediately recognized the voice of Dr Kendall Park. It is exciting to find that this company engages some of the same talent and writers as Jonathan Park too! That definitely made my boys all the more excited to go on this adventure. And if you are familiar with Buddy Davis? This story was inspired by one of his songs!

The audio is so fun to listen to! Scripture woven into the story; a great way for our children to see that these aren’t just words in a book but messages to us about how we are to live.  The characters and the dramatic telling really draw you in so that even as we are pulling into the driveway my kids are asking me to drive around some more so we can hear the rest of the story.

My boys were on the edge of their seat waiting to see if Big Sam could pull off the robbery and then they were in awe of this “bad guy” who was so concerned for the health of little Rachel. My oldest son listened closely to what is means to choose one way versus the other. How can find that good wife? How can we choose that good life?

There are amazing lessons woven in to this story; wonderful reminders about the value of the choices that we make. We learn about grace, redemption and the true value of salvation. We are reminded that while we may grow up hearing and reading the Bible, there is more to a life of faith. What a beautiful reminder of the value of relationship.

In addition to providing an entertaining and valuable story for us to listen to, this also comes with a unit study guide. I always love those myself. What a great way to go beyond in learning. There are great questions for comprehension (we used them as narration opportunities ourselves). You can become an artist making your own gold; turn your brother or sister into a profile for a Wanted poster. There are also simple, small Bible studies provided to help give a greater understanding of things: what does it really mean to love God?

There are some great resources within the unity study to help learn about the west, expansion, the outlaws of the day and even some opportunities to practice a bit of mathematics. This really is a small unit study with lots of big learning packed in. I am truly amazed at all that there is to help our children to learn and explore all that they can related to the story being told. There are even maps, and activities to gain greater skills in map reading. For our littler ones there are a number of coloring pages to enjoy. There are puzzles and just so many interesting terms and locations to enjoy searching out along the way too.

This is definitely one of those materials that really brings a story to life and makes you want to learn more. I know I always find, when it comes to learning, that my children are so much more drawn in by stories like this one that are vibrant and exciting. They engage you and make the characters and the story like your own which leaves you not just wanting more but determining to seek after it for yourself. The story never really ends, and it is always like a good friend that grows with you.

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018