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Spelling Mentor Guide Book and CD-ROM Review by Mrs. Kimberley Wampler

Hexco Academic
P.O. Box 199
Hunt TX. 78024

When a spelling program can boast spelling bee champs, year after year, it makes a homeschool parent take a good lonnnnnng look. Spelling Mentor GuideBook does just that, 'guides' our children through all the confusing spelling rules, and helps them master spelling.

The Mentor includes 1200 words, providing a phonetic pronunciation, parts of speech and an abbreviated definition. Words are divided into categories and sets based on increasing difficulty, for children aged 7-9. These sets include general spelling words, vowel blends, double vowel rules, prefix rules, suffix rules, more suffix conventions, and an index of all the spelling words in the back of this spiral bound book. Our 7-year old loves the software, which supports and includes all the words listed in the guidebook. This program includes short, mid and long-term memory work, and worksheets to accompany each set of words on the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM makes spelling into a fun, challenging, game, all the while committing those words to memory.

The Spelling Mentor GuideBook lays down a firm foundation of understanding for our children, to all the confusing rules, and exceptions to those rules. Very Highly Recommended!

--Product Review by: Lisa Barthuly & Family, Product Reviewers, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

And another perspective:

Spelling Mentor is a software program that helps children learn to spell using the computer. It comes with a guide book and software program. It is aimed at children in the 5th and 6th grade. The program has 1500 words in it.

This software is easy to install and use. The program is a simple layout and easy to understand. After you install, you are able to choose the type of words that you want to work on. You have a choice of sevendifferent sets of words with around 200 words in each set. You highlight the set you want to work on then hit OK and you are on the road to learning.

While you are in the program they will say a word like saga. They have a printout of the pronunciation for saga which is and then you are to spell the word correctly, if you miss the spelling you can click on a button that will show the next letter or you can try to spell it on your own again. This keeps on till the word is spelled right. They also give you the definition to the word and a sentence that you would use the word in - they put a__ underline space for where the word would go.

This is a nice program for children who need help with spelling, there is not a lot of action in the game, so you must stay focused on the spelling of the word. It is one where you must be in the mood to sit still and just learn. If your children have trouble with that, then this program will be hard for them to work with.

--Product Review By: Mrs. Kimberley Wampler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine