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Covered Goods Nursing Cover Review by Leslie Talley

(the original four-in-one nursing cover)
Color: Woodstock Denim

Covered Goods, the original four-in-one nursing cover, is comfortable, stylish and handy. The soft, stretchy fabric is made out of a rayon and spandex blend. It offers complete coverage when you need it most. This multifunctional cover can also be used to cover a car seat, highchair or shopping cart. It can even be worn as a scarf for mom. Each cover is made in America and costs $34.99. 

The Covered Goods nursing cover is simple and easy to use. It is worn like a poncho or over one shoulder when you are ready to nurse. Because the roomy, stretchy fabric wraps completely around you it stays in place even with the wiggliest baby. The cover is also easy to use as a car seat, highchair or shopping cart cover. There are many different patterns available and new prints come out seasonally several times a year.

I like this style of cover because it offers full coverage and I don’t have to worry about my back being exposed or a gust of wind blowing the cover up. The fabric is soft and lightweight, and the cover is easily folded up and stored in the diaper bag. I have used a nursing cover with all six of my children but only had a Covered Goods cover for the last two. It has made nursing in public so much easier. I like that I don’t have to worry about accidently flashing anyone. I also like that it has so many uses. I have several covers so that I don’t have to use one for different uses. That way the cover I use for nursing stays clean and germ-free. The two children that I used Covered Goods with have become attached to their covers to the point where it has become their comfort blanket. My three-year-old still sleeps with hers. And when we are out and about my nine-month-old will calm right down and take a nap if I give him his nursing cover.

One thing I would love to see is an organic line. It would also be lovely to have a little drawstring bag to store the cover in while not in use. As with any cover it does get hot when nursing a baby and whether that is from the weather or just post-partum hormones you can’t really escape it.

I would recommend the Covered Goods Nursing Cover to any mother whether she’s a new mom or a seasoned one. Any baby product that can function in multiple ways is a must have product with little ones in the home. And a product that can give support to breast-feeding mothers in a world that doesn’t always support that is an amazing product. There are other companies making a similar style of cover out there. I even own a couple of them. In my opinion the Covered Goods brand is the best on the market.

-Product review by Leslie Talley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018