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Cobra Paw Review by Jennifer Land

Ninja-Like Know How Steals the Game!
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If you and your children enjoy playing games, but you find yourself short on time, check out the quick-moving game called Cobra Paw by Bananagrams. The game retails for $14.99. Cobra Paw comes with everything you need to play: 21 Clawfuku Stone tiles, 2 dice, and a set of instructions. The game pieces are black and adorned with colorful, unique patterns.

This game is for those aged five and up and 2-6 players can play at one time. Each game takes around 15 minutes or less to play. It is a physical game with no digital components, so it is easy to grab and go for camping trips, school breaks, taking to family gatherings, or setting up to play after dinner.

Players will take turns rolling the dice, which feature 6 different symbols. These symbols also appear in different combinations on the Clawfuku Stone tiles. Everyone has to act quickly to find the matching pattern on the tiles and snatch them up first. The first person to collect 6 tiles wins the game.

The simplicity of the game is very appealing. Players will have no trouble learning the rules and playing quickly. The game pieces are easy to hold and use without being complicated. This game does not require reading or complex math skills from any of the players. If your child knows how to match and act fast, they can win just as well as older siblings or parents.

The brief play time is ideal for young players but makes it easy to fit into busy schedules for anyone. We were able to play several times to try and give everyone a chance to win in one evening. The game is free of anything questionable, making it a good choice for any family, youth group, or game night.

As a homeschooling family, we enjoyed playing Cobra Paw immensely. Each game felt like a new experience because the patterns rolled on the dice were random and anyone had the opportunity to win. I liked having a fast-paced game so that we could play several times without having to cancel our plans for a whole afternoon like some of the other games my kids like playing. My kids were able to play without me because the rules were easy to follow, and no one forgot them between game nights.

My 6-year-old was able to jump right in and even win a few games of his own by being the first to spot the patterns. It kept his attention, as well at entertained my older kids. We were all able to play together.

I’m considering buying a few copies of this game to give as gifts to other homeschooling families I know with a large age span of children, so their family would also have another game that all of the kids could play together. It can be hard to find a true family game for everyone, but Cobra Paw has given us an enjoyable option. It is a game that won’t get dusty on a shelf because everyone will want to play it again and again!

-Product review by Jennifer Land, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018