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Spellarama Review by Christine Field

Julien Brunelle

Log on to for fun, educational card games to help your child read. These games are for everyone - from those with a learning disability to the senior citizen that wants to remain mentally sharp.

You print out cards and rules for several games that will get your child hooked on learning. Except they will think they are just having fun!

You can play a game of Rummy, beginning with three letter words and working up to longer words. Players draw from the deck or discard pile, just like in traditional Rummy. A tutor-sounding chart is provided to cover all the confusing sounds that a word can make. Another game is Elimanation Rules and is most appropriate for children over twelve. Each player gets ten cards. Then four cards are flipped over, one pointing in each direction. The object is to create four-letter words using cards from the hand, the elimination pile or the top of the discard pile, playing one card at a time.

Another game is called Solitaire-Mania. Five cards are dealt into five piles. The object is to build three letter words, turning over three cards at a time. When a three-letter word is made, those cards are removed and the top card of the underlying pile is turned over.

Another variation of Rummy is taught, using the rules above but having each player build sequences of ABCs, instead of words.

We brought these on vacation and had a ball with my new reader (son) and my challenged reader (language learning disability). I'm going to print out some more and laminate them because they are becoming a well-used item in my home school!

--Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine