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“My Day” for Adults Review by Sheila Quach

Easy Daysies
Magnetic Schedules for Kids, Adults and Teachers

Are you an organized person or one that strives to be?  Do you have countless planners, wall calendars and chore charts for both you and your kiddos?  I’m that person who craves organization and time management, but it’s a struggle and hardly achieved in my house.  One area that I struggle with the most is my special needs son’s daily schedule.  He struggles with consistency and time management.  He likes to be prepared and aware of the day, but we haven’t found something that was a perfect fit.  A perfect fit for my son and I would be flexibility, visual cues, nothing too childish and customizable.  Several weeks ago, I was introduced to the Easy Daysies magnetic calendar and I think my prayers have been answered.

Here is what comes with the My Day for Adults:

  • A 2-sided magnetic board (English on one side, French on the other)
  • 20 Magnets:
    -10 printed task magnets
    -10 blank magnets for
  • 50 Permanent Stickers:
     -20 task stickers in English
     -30 task stickers in French
  • Dry-Erase Marker
  • Magnet Storage Pouch

The Easy Daysies magnetic calendar is like nothing I’ve ever used before.  It’s a visual reminder system for your day.  They have a few different styles to choose from and many additional products that can be used in the classroom or home.  Today I will share about the My Day for Adults.  I decided on the adult version for my 11-year-old child, because he gets overwhelmed with bright colors and prefers a simple look.  The adult version is neutral in color with a beautiful tree in the background with a place for you to add the current day of the week.  You may ask why an adult version is even available with a visual calendar.  Well, the creator was inspired by many families that reached out to her about their adult family members who face issues like Alzheimer’s or have had brain injuries or special needs.  Her devotion to her customers and product allowed her to make my son’s day just a little bit easier.  Visual clues are so important for my son.  It is hard for him to read the words on a list and compute what he needs to do while he is struggling with sensory issues and other complications due to his specific special needs.  To see a photo of a toothbrush and toothpaste signals to his brain go brush your teeth.  It’s how his brain works and it’s a constant daily struggle for him.

Let me tell you all the features and why they have worked so well for my son.  First off, it is magnetic on both sides so you can hang on the fridge or hang conveniently anywhere around the house by the cord attachment.  We have it hanging beside his desk in ourhomeschool room.  The schedule allows seven to eight different tasks at a time.  This is the perfect amount to prevent feeling overwhelmed by a long list of to dos.  We keep all the extra magnetic pieces on the back of the board or in the neat little pouch with the provided marker.  Kaden likes to help me write in the times for each activity.  I find it’s best to set it up the night before and once he completes each thing listed he moves it from the to do side to the done side.  Some of the tasks we use on his schedule are the medication reminder, showering, exercise, worship, dishes and schoolwork.  I love that each one offers a space for the time it should be completed, and they are all dry erasable just in case you have to change them up.  There are multiple blank ones for you to easily customize and they even come with 30 task stickers in French.  Some of the other tasks we have used or will in the future are appointment reminders, feed pet, laundry, shopping, shave, a special event and many more.  I have to say he appreciates the simple pictures that provides him the much needed visual.  For years I have made charts by hand and drew pictures that just didn’t resonate with him.  They would briefly work and then life would change, and I would have to reinvent something else.  Not anymore, this schedule changes right along with him and what’s going on in our lives. 

This would make an excellent addition to any family that has a loved one with special needs or someone who needs help staying on track of their day with visual clues on their schedule.  It is so simple to use and honestly easy to take if you go out of town.  We have even taken it camping with us, just to help him feel less overwhelmed.   It’s easy, simple and promotes independence.  He feels like he has more control over his day and that improves his confidence.

-Product review by Sheila Quach, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018