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The Fog of Forgetting Review by Cristina Grau

The Five Stones Trilogy - Book 1
G.A Morgan
Islandport Press
P.O. Box 10
Yarmouth, Maine 04096

We love exploring new literature, especially in the area of young adult fiction and the genre of fantasy. Filled with magic, imaginary kingdoms, and fantastical characters, The Fog of Forgetting from G.A. Morgan and Islandport Press was an adventurous addition to our reading lineup!

The Fog of Forgetting, Book One in the Five Stones Trilogy, is a young adult fiction novel written by G.A Morgan available now for $18.95. Suggested for ages ten and up, this 308-page novel takes readers on an adventure of imagination and magic. Five children are spending a pleasant summer day boating off the Maine coast when they suddenly find themselves lost in a dense fog, only to wash ashore on a mysterious and forgotten island of ancient secrets and terrible history. Filled with action and suspense, The Fog of Forgetting, explores realism and fantasy as the reader delves into an imaginary world filled with compelling characters and fantastic adventure.

We were immediately intrigued by the hardback book’s cover and its lovely illustration. The concept of the story was appealing, and we were excited to explore the pages within. As with all new books, I wanted to read through the story myself to ensure the content met our family’s standards of clean literature and determine areas of the story which might require a closer look. Given an open evening, I was able to finish the book in approximately four hours.

The Fog of Forgetting was a quick read. The story was clean; having no language, strong violence, nor inappropriate scenes which might have caused concern. The novel was interesting, and the characters appealing. The author did a lovely job creating a world which captured the imagination while keeping a foundation in the world in which we are familiar.

Given a weighty description on the back cover of the book comparing The Fog of Forgetting to The Chronicles of Narnia, I was anticipating a strong Biblical world view to be present in the story. However, this was not evident in our reading. The passages which might have led to such an analogy were confusing and hard to understand; at moments seeming to contradict Biblical teaching altogether. Parents may wish to read through the book themselves, or read this as a family, in order to clarify any selections which might be unintelligible.

We enjoy exploring new literature, and The Fog of Forgetting proved to be an interesting read. I appreciated the imagination and creativity which went into the telling, but highly recommend parents be aware of the challenging passages within.

-Product review by Cristina Grau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2018