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Home Management for the Homeschool Mom e-book Review by Jacquelin Caffey

(Simplifying the Big Things so You Don’t Miss the Little Things)
Amy Roberts
Raising Arrows

The Home Management for the Homeschool Mom arrived at just the right time for me. You see we are in a season of life right now where I am essentially a single mom to my six children while my husband works five states away. While this is not the ideal situation, it is what it is and we are making the best of it. Not only am I Mama but I am also the head chef, tailor, and chauffeur to get these kids of mine to their activities. Did I mention the fact that all of my children are also child athletes and that we travel throughout the country to meets four to five months of the year? 


With all the day-to-day items that needed to be done I had not realized just how bad I was failing at getting the little things done until I missed a really important deadline and I almost lost an amazing opportunity. Ouch! My eyes were quickly opened and when I was offered this book I knew I had better make a plan to change. 


Being a homeschooling Mom is quite different from a non-homeschooling Mom. To point out the obvious I am home with my children 24-7 (and I wouldn’t change that for the world). I feed them three square meals and snacks a day, fine-tuned to their individual sporting needs along with educating them and all the necessary items to do that efficiently and you can see how I got thrown off track and overwhelmed.


The 108 pages within this eBook will not only walk you through the steps to get back on track but it will offer you encouraging scriptures and quotes to help you realize you can do this thing called home management and homeschooling. To start off, Chapter One asks you to fill out a form with how homeschooling has changed your life. From housework to daily routine and free time, really examine how your life has changed {for the better}. 


With 27 chapters this book is separated into five different sections to help get you back on track: 


The Unique Struggle of the Homeschooling Homemaker

Preparing for the Journey

Start with a Simple Plan

Pulling It All Together

Homeschooling & Homemaking Tools


Reading through this book was quick and easy. I was able to read through the entire book on my iPad in one setting the evening it arrived to my inbox. The chapters are short and sweet but to the point. And they are encouraging. Never did I feel like I was being put down because I have somehow dropped the ball. Yet, I was encouraged as I read through each page.


I especially focused on chapters 9 & 11 when I went back through the book. I have been feeling overwhelmed with the excess “stuff” in the house and I needed a solution. After reading these two chapters I made a plan to just put everything out on the curb and to let it go. Oh, how freeing that was to leave the house one morning with a pile of “stuff” and to return only a few hours later and it all be gone. Gone from cluttering our house and minds and into the hands of someone else who may need our unnecessary items.


A special notebook or planner is suggested in this eBook to help keep things under control. I like being able to visually see what I need to accomplish each day, so I decided to splurge on a popular planner I have had my eye on for awhile. This eBook doesn’t say you need to go out and buy a fancy planner or notebook but having it at my disposal has helped me stay focused and on track. I am now able to use my planner as a tool to help me track my day so that I don’t miss the little details like team pictures or needing a college form turned in for my high schooler.


For me the best part of Home Management for the Homeschool Mom is that I was able to incorporate “Simplifying the Big Things so You Don’t Miss the Little Things”. Being present for my children in their everyday needs and keeping our home managed and tidy is truly a blessing when you discover little tips like the ones found in this book. Be sure to pick up an extra copy for that new homeschooling mom to offer her some encouragement.


-Product review by Jacquelin Caffey, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June, 2018