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Manito Sun Shade Review by Emily Schnetz

Manito USA
5724 79th AVE
Glendale, NY 11385-6058

The Manito Sun Shade is a stroller shade extender or convertible car seat shade used to block sunlight. It is made from spandex, which soft and stretchy and blocks out 99% of UV rays. This product retails for $28.


75 cm diameter

55 cm length

The Manito Sun Shade can either be used on a stroller or a car seat. If you are using it on a stroller, it is used with the sunshade that the stroller already comes with as an ‘extender.’ You simply place the Manito Sun Shade on the stroller’s current sun shade and secure it with the elastic clips provided. If using on a convertible car seat, simply place the sunshade at the top, forward facing edge of the car seat and secure it with the elastic clips.

I like that the Manito Sun Shade blocks 99% of UV rays. I also like that it is big and stretchy, it reminds me of an oversized sun hat. The fact that it comes in so many colors is a huge plus and it even comes as a double-shade for double-strollers (side by side).

In theory the sun shade should work well, however once installed on my child’s car seat, most of the time it did not block the sun. It only worked when the sun was directly overhead and the car was pointed in a specific direction. I was excited to use it since switching my daughter over from the infant carrier car seat which didn’t have any sun shade, but I think for the Manito Sun Shade to be effective on car seats it needs to be able to angle downwards. It did do a better job of blocking sun on the stroller; however, I have a stroller with a big canopy so I didn’t really have a need for it. Also, this product seems to be on the higher end of the pricing scale compared to other brands. The Manito Sun Shade didn’t work well with my situation. While it was easy to install and use, it didn’t achieve the desired effect for us.I would suggest to the company that maybe utilizing bigger flaps on the side might help to make more shade.

-Product review by Emily Schnetz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June, 2018