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Programming of Life DVD Review by Erica Beyea


When studying the origins of life, often the conclusion of the lesson is determined by the publisher or teacher, rather than being led by actual scientific facts and presentation. In our world today, the most common world view of life’s origin is a bio-chemical process of evolution. Though details may vary, evolutionary teaching pervades all levels of education and society.

Programming of Life is a 45-minute DVD presentation that does not seek to indoctrinate its viewer with a prevailing opinion on the origins of life, but rather lays down an analytical, scientific investigation on basic cellular biology that causes the viewer to draw his own conclusions. Though this informational video delves into deep scientific discussion led by real-life scientists, its quick pace, compelling animations, and bright graphic illustrations keep the information flowing in a very interesting way.

In fact, the lesson starts by defining the word ‘information’ – what it consists of and how it is relevant to so many aspects of our everyday life. Simple illustrations assist the viewer in understanding exactly what is happening inside the microscopic cells of our bodies. There is a detailed explanation of the genetic makeup of a cell and the function of each part it contains, as well as a demonstration of DNA and the information locked within it that programs each living organism.

When we first sat to watch this video as a family, there were some pre-conceived notions that this might have the potential of being just another ‘dry documentary’, but once it began, those thoughts were the furthest thing from our minds. We were fascinated by the entire presentation, gaining a deeper appreciation for the microscopic unseen world and its amazing attributes. The children were especially appreciative of the comparisons made. For example, the mathematical probability that cells and DNA could copy themselves and function in such a perfect way by chance is such an unimaginable number and the video gave an illustration that perfectly explained the absolute impossibility of ever reaching that number.

The video is professionally done, and strong in scientific data, yet simple enough for a young person to grasp as well. It takes complex material and simplifies it enough for a student or average non-scientific person yet leaves enough complexity to satisfy an academic mind.

We had a wide range of viewers weighing in on the review of this video. One family member has taken college level Biology courses from an evolutionary perspective. She appreciated the accuracy of the material and commented that it was laid out like data in a proof, allowing the viewer to gather all the evidence in true scientific investigation. The high schooler, who is also a Biology lover, enjoyed the animations the most, as it drew together all the facts and terms she has learned into a way she could visualize. The effect the video had on the middle schooler, who has yet to fully understand the material in the video, was one of whetting her appetite. She certainly thought the illustrations were interesting and I believe it piqued her interest to know more.

The strongest feature of this video is its encouragement of critical thinking on the part of the viewer. It presents a case and allows the viewer to ponder their own beliefs. It asks open ended questions, encouraging the viewer to seek the truth. Not only would this video be a fascinating addition to any Biology class, but it could also be useful as a tool to give to scientifically minded people to encourage them to consider the source of the origin of life. The video teaches neither creation nor evolution, but simply presents scientific evidence. The producer has developed a comprehensive website with further information for those who truly are seeking answers to the questions raised in their mind by this video.

This video is currently available on the above-mentioned website for $8.95. Samples of the video can be watched on the website, giving the opportunity to share the information easily. I highly recommend this video as an addition to a home school Biology class, a help in conversations with evolutionists, and an effective tool to share with those who are searching for answers to man’s age-old question of how life began.

-Product review by Erica Beyea, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, June, 2018