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Personal Development for Young Ladies Review by Erica Beyea

Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum
2222 East Hinson Ave.
Haines City, Florida 33844

In our rapidly shifting culture, the trend towards conformity to this world is growing stronger, even for Christian home school families. The unisex movement has gained momentum and has broken down the distinction between men and women and their traditional roles. Those of us who still believe in old fashioned femininity and masculinity can often be desperate for ways to instill those traits into our young people, achieving a balance between Biblical values and the ability to function in society.

To help solve this dilemma, Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum has published an elective course for high school girls called Personal Development for Young Ladies.  Designed to use over one semester, or eighteen weeks, this course, when completed as directed, supplies a half-credit for your daughter.

During the first half of the semester, a Biblical foundation is laid defining Biblical femininity and the essence of true beauty. Before investigating the outward characteristics of beauty such as proper use of makeup, clothing styles, and posture, much emphasis is given to developing a true inner beauty in a young lady’s spirit, character, and attitude. Weekly memory verses reinforce the lessons that are taught, and weekly writing assignments help the student solidify thoughts regarding their own values and convictions.

Towards the end of the semester, several weeks are devoted to the topic of great interest to all young ladies – dating. Guidelines throughout the chapters on clothing, makeup, and dating – all of which can vary widely between families – are tastefully laid out without strict parameters, purposely guiding the student, together with her parents, to discuss these topics and come up with their own lists of personal convictions in these areas. Bible verses are given as principles to help guide those decisions.

Each week includes five lessons, complete with reading material, correlating questions, a writing assignment, and a short quiz. There are two tests - one for the end of each quarter. The set also includes answer keys for the quizzes, tests, and workbook questions.

As a mother to four daughters, and a Sunday School teacher to a high school age girls’ class, I was greatly interested in this material, and I found it very relevant to the many young ladies in my life. There is an emphasis placed on the strength and beauty of Biblical womanhood that I found refreshing. Often, material will over-emphasize one aspect of femininity while neglecting others. From the unchanging principles of the Word of God, we must discover a way to teach our young ladies to be strong, yet distinctly feminine, and able to make their way in this world following God’s leading to whatever path He has for them. I believe this course has a solid framework for allowing a parent or teacher to help develop a strong feminine foundation based on Biblical principles in the lives of the young ladies entrusted to them.

This course is currently being sold on the publisher’s website for $35. Having read through the entire course, and used the material in a Sunday School setting, I can highly recommend it for high school age ladies who wish to discover God’s purpose for their life. It would make a tremendous devotional for a young lady to complete as well.

-Product review by Erica Beyea, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, June, 2018