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Home Management for the Homeschool Mom E-book Review by Crystal McClean

Amy Roberts
Raising Arrows

Home Management for theHomeschool Mom: Simplifying the Big Things so You Don’t Miss the Little Things is an e-book by Amy Roberts, a homeschool mom of eight. She knows the overwhelm that can come with trying to run a household at the same time as educating your children and gives her advice to others in this book that sells for $9.99.

Homeschooling moms are a unique variety of parent as we fill many roles daily above and beyond what other moms do and this presents challenges such as trying to clean a home while there are children there at all times. How can it be accomplished when it feels like you’re on a treadmill? To begin with, have an honest look at your expectations and answer the questions about how your life has changed with homeschooling. Remember not to compare your family with any other.

Remember that homemaking, much like homeschooling, is a work in progress; you need to prepare, to make a plan, and to take action for success. Work with God for peace, readiness, and joy; you have the benefit of spending more time with your children to show them the way of God in everything you do.

Start with decluttering your brain and your home. Amy gives several suggestions on ways in which to do this and also ways to make your home a beautiful place where you want to be. Then it’s on to simplifying and organizing your homeschool; from the way you store your supplies to the subjects you teach and the extra-curricular activities your children are involved in, taking into consideration several ideas. In addition to this, there are ways to simplify your family time, but in the same note, don’t forget that you also need some time for yourself.

How does this all come together? It will depend on the type of family you are: are you laid-back, are you a super-scheduler, or somewhere in between? The author provides examples of how each of these days might look, as well as how to get back on track after an off day. She also walks through some different planners and has a list of additional resources you may find useful.

I agree that home management and home education are works in progress and there’s no way around that; as our children grow we must adjust accordingly. I enjoyed all of the suggestions and variety for ways to create a cleaning routine and the order of the day, as well as the acknowledgement that there will be days that we will fall of the wagon.

This book doesn’t provide all the answers that you might be looking for, but it does give you dozens of suggestions, ideas, and tools to enable you to build your own bespoke routine or schedule that will work for you and your family.

I have been implementing some of the recommendations in this book; it is taking some time and effort to simplify and organize, but as I do that there is more time for family and the rest is also falling into place; my outlook is also becoming more positive which is a weight off for everyone, especially this frazzled mama.

-Product review by Crystal McClean, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine LLC, June, 2018