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Jesus Every Day Review by Sheila Quach

A Journey Through the Bible in One Year
Mary DeMuth

We are a reading family, always have been.  I always have a handful of books going at the same time, not including a few different devotionals.  I know it’s a little crazy, but I read according to my mood and how much time I have to commit at the moment.  Recently though I have discovered a book that caused my whole reading world to be rocked… in a good way.  The book is called Jesus Every Day, prayers to awaken your soul written my Mary DeMuth.  She has written over thirty books and I’ve never read a single one.  But, I tell you that changed a few weeks ago as she has inspired and encouraged me in ways I haven’t experienced in a long time.  This book promises you a journey through the Bible in one year and let me tell you that’s exactly what you get.  If you are looking to shake up your devotional reading time this book is for you.  If you feel your relationship with God could be deeper and more intimate, then this should be your next read.

At first, I thought it was just a daily devotional to add to my pile, but after the very first day I knew it was much more.  The difference is this book gives you 366 beautifully enriched prayers to guide you through the Bible in one year.  Starting in Genesis all the way to Revelations.  How is your prayer life?  Mine, embarrassingly has been dry and fleshed out with chatter.  I admit I don’t always know what to say.  It’s deep in my heart but cluttered with to-dos and obligations.  After reading the first day I was slapped with some truth.  But, instead of it stinging and turning me off it encouraged me and left me hungry for more.  I must confess I am almost completely done with the book, I was anxious to read just one more each evening.  I do plan to go back through and do one each morning or evening once I finish it completely.

Each day there is a title in bold and then a verse to go along with the prayer.  The prayers are short, to the point and powerful.  I appreciate the realness of each one and how true to life that they are.  I also felt the simplicity of each page was both pleasing to the eye and less distracting.  There are no dates, so you can start any time of the year.  I feel blessed that Mary DeMuth listened to the calling to write this book.  Opening her heart as she prepared these very personal prayers for us to grow closer to Jesus.  It’s like she’s a comforting friend sitting beside you on the couch, hand in hand praying right beside you.  I am continuously amazed at the timing of each of the prayers, like this book was written just for me.  But, then again, each prayer goes along with a passage in the Bible which was written for you and me.

So far, I have enjoyed reading and plan to continue.  My heart has been softened and I feel a more connected peace in my prayer life.  It’s no longer a struggle and having the direct connection of scripture within my prayer life has been healing to say the very least.  I encourage young and old to grab a copy, this would make a wonderful gift for new parents, newlyweds, college students, teenagers, widows, teachers and anyone else you know with breath in their lungs.

-Product review by Sheila Quach, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June, 2018