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What Can I Do? A Donkey-Donk Story Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Ellen F. Feld
Willow Bend Publishing
(413) 230-1514
PO Box 304
Goshen, MA 01032

What Can I Do? A Donkey-Donk Story is a charming narrative about the adventures of a miniature donkey moving to a new home.  This easy-to-read account was paired with the beautiful photographs and turned out to be a joyous addition to our homeschool library.  This book was written by Ellen F. Feld’s and published by Willow Bend Publishing.

Donkey-Donk’s journey begins with a move to a new farm where her search for the perfect position begins. Each of the other horses already have amazing jobs and now the new girl in town has to settle in and figure out what she is good at. During her investigation she endeavors to be a champion show horse, tries her hand in athleticism by running and jumping.  Next, Donkey-Donk attempts farm work by pulling a cart and she even aims to perfect her walking skills by trotting over various things.  After assessing herself and comparing talents and skills to the other residents, it would appear that she might not have an ideal job. Finally, she is invited to share a hug with her owner at which point Donkey-Donk’s realizes her perfectly special skill.

Initially, I read the story to our younger two children a few times and they totally adored listening to the tale. Then, I decided to share it with our preschool book club students during our animal themed month. They also got a kick out of seeing all the images of the horses doing amazing things. We all enjoyed the beautiful pictures in this book and the scenery shown during our reading time. The illustrations are unique because they are actual photographs of horses on a farm. These real-time photos help younger children’s imaginations come alive and comprehend what a horse’s life is really like on the farm. The large size of the text makes it easy to read for younger children and those being introduced to reading. Our kindergartner also liked using this book to practice sight words from time to time.

Ellen F. Feld created a cute, self-awareness tale when writing What Can I Do? A Donkey-Donk Story. This book, presented by Willow Bend Publishing, is a fun look at a day in the life of a miniature donkey trying new things. Our children and preschool book club attendees definitely enjoyed the story and the lesson that there each horse’s talent is important on the farm. I would recommend this book for children ages three to eight years old.

-Product review by Ta’Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June, 2018