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Home Economics Review by Kemi Quinn

(elective - grades 9-12)
Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum
2222 East Hinson Avenue
Haines City, Florida 33844

When it came to Home Economics passing what I knew on to my daughter didn’t come naturally for me. I was one of those “I’ll just do it myself” parents and that’s not helping anyone. I was happy to be able to review the Home Economics Course from Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum to begin giving my daughter a great foundation for caring for her own home and family.

Landmark Freedom Baptist Church provides curriculum for homeschoolers and has based this Home Economics course on the Bible scripture from Proverbs 8:17 which states, “I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.” (KJV) The idea is that seeking God should come first in the home. And then the cares of home.

The Home Economics Curriculum is a two semester, full credit, high school grade course that comes with a Study Guide, Study Guide Answers, Tests and Quizzes, and Tests and Quizzes Answers. The Study Guide is meant to be facilitated by the student. I came to this conclusion based on the wording in the introduction of the Study Guide. And I assuming the homeschool parent or teacher would administer tests and quizzes and the times to take them are noted within the Study Guide.

The lessons are spaced weekly with a small worksheet or section to read each day of the week. Finalizing in a quiz on Friday. There is also a Review worksheet spaced every nine weeks to be followed by a test from the Test packet.

There are thirty-six weeks of lessons covering Cooking and Meal Planning, First Aid, Personal Hygiene, Caring for Children, Sewing and Crafts, Cleaning the House and Laundry, Household Budget, and Relationships.

The lessons starts off with the first week where the student begins making a cookbook. This topic also comes up again later in the curriculum as it is a project that can take a bit of time. The first seventeen lessons are all on meal planning, cooking actual dishes, grocery shopping, nutrition, baking, and canning.

As I mentioned, the curriculum is geared towards the high school daughter so my daughter may be considered a little young.  My thoughts are that an interested student can begin this curriculum a slightly earlier age.

To use the course, I first read through a lesson and then hand off the Study Guide to my daughter to complete the work. She has been really excited to work on her own cookbook and begin cooking full meals for the family. This is something she had been requesting to do this past year and having lessons to build her up to a comfortable level in the kitchen is really nice I also really like the topics, the order of lessons, and the amount of information included.

I like the Home Economics course and am pleased with the topics covered. The lessons are very straightforward and easy to follow but I would have liked a little more information for the facilitator (me). Even if it were just a note to the parent. In that respect I was kind of flying blind as to what to expect.

I feel like this curriculum could also be used in a small group. I’ve had a few friends ask me for suggestions on what to use in teaching their young tweens basic home skills. I will happily recommend Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum Home Economics.

-Product review by Kemi Quinn, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June, 2018