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EasyRead Time Teacher Rainbow Past & To Wall Clock Review by Adrienne Falkena

EasyRead Time Teacher Ltd
c/o Tigers (USA) Global Logistics Inc
2820 W Winton Ave
Hayward CA 94545

The EasyRead Time Teacher Rainbow Past & To Wall Clockis a colorful clock that includes super simple instructions to teach a child how to read an analog clock. It has a white frame with colorful numbers and has an uncluttered face despite the amount of information on it. The clock requires one AA battery (not included). The Rainbow Past and To Wall Clock has a notch on the back for easy wall hanging. Retail price is $29.95.

The face has the first six numbers labeled PAST and is color-coded as such as well. The second half are labeled TO and are another color. Each of the minutes are labeled around the outside edge. It’s incredibly simple - read the minute, decide if the minute hand is in the PAST or TO section, say that part, and then read the hour hand. This is listed for ages 5-12 and that seems entirely appropriate.  

In a world of digital clocks, teaching my children to read analog clocks has been a bit of a struggle. Upon unboxing, I inserted a battery, set the time, hung the clock up on a nail in the wall, and read the short instructions to my children. Even my four-year-old was mostly getting the concept immediately - though she does not know how to read all the numbers to 59 quite yet. My six-year-old was immediately reading it properly, as was everyone older than him.

This has given my young elementary students confidence, though I have yet to see the ability to read this clock transfer into the ability to read other clocks that are far less labeled, or a real knowledge of what they are saying about the numbers before them. I am hopeful, however, that this is a stepping stone to mastering a lifelong skill. It was incredibly easy to show them how to read it and has required just a few “What time is it?” questions throughout our days to give them great practice in reading the clock.

I am impressed thus far. I’m hoping for recognition in the meaning of what they are saying soon. For now, it hangs on my living room wall and my young elementary students are thrilled with their ability to quickly read an analog clock without major time or effort.

-Product review by Adrienne Falkena, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June, 2018