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EasyRead Time Teacher Rainbow 24 Hour Wall Clock Review by Linda Rose

EasyRead Time Teacher Ltd
c/o Tigers (USA) Global Logistics Inc
2820 W Winton Ave
Hayward CA 94545

It always seems like learning how to read an analog clock is a challenge for many students. I think that problem may have been solved now thanks to the EasyRead Time Teacher Rainbow 24 Hour Wall Clock. This company has created a simple, effective two step method for learning how to read time on an analog clock. The first step is to to read the number located at the end of the short hand (the hour hand). The second step is read the number that the long hand (the minute hand) is pointing to. The really wonderful thing about this clock is that each number for the minute hand is clearly written around the entire clock face. This is a key feature which helps students of any age learn the logistics of reading the minutes on an analog clock. Once the student has a good grasp of reading the hours and minutes, you can introduce the 24-hour feature and teach when to use the hour numbers past twelve—or after noon. It really is that simple!

As a teacher I have found this clock to be very useful in many ways. I could move the hands around to point to specific times and have the students practice reading the time. Once they were comfortable and possessed a basic understanding of how the time is read, I was able to simply hang the clock on the wall. Anytime someone wanted to know the time, I could point to the clock and have them practice reading the time. Having the minute numbers written all the way around the clock face proved to be very helpful and inspired confidence in everyone.

This is a very unique clock which runs on a single AA battery and has several interesting features. The main feature is the numbers written around the clock face for each minute. The colors used for the numbers are attractive without being childish making this clock suitable for a wide variety of ages, including teens and even adults. Also worthy of noting is that this clock does not make a ticking sound. This is one feature that I really appreciate! We love being able to have this clock hanging in a common area of our home so that it is accessible to everyone.

-Product review by Linda Rose, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June, 2018