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International Baby 101 Review by Jenefer Igarashi

This product could fit into so many categories that I am almost at a loss of where to start! International Baby 101 is a winner for its uniqueness. It is presented as a language tool, specifically for toddlers, to learn Japanese and/or English. It is a bilingual DVD that plays well known songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Yankee Doodle, Five Little Ducks, I've Been Working on the Railroad, Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc., in the language you choose. It offers subtitles in both. Video of babies dancing, toys in motion and other fun and colorful sights capture the interest visually while the familiar, classic songs play. And while the DVD is geared to ages 0-24 months, all five of my kids sat through the entire DVD and sang along! Even my 14-year-old (who has been trying to learn Japanese) was taken by it. She told me, "Mom, this should actually be mine". And she had a point. This would be an excellent resource for beginning English or Japanese students. The songs are familiar, making it easy to 'put it all together'.

But I can't leave it at that. This would be a really wonderful resource for any mother/teacher interested in stimulating early learning. My two year old is learning his colors and numbers, and the English 'side' of the DVD presents early concepts in a very gentle, yet catchy way. He loved the songs and sang and danced along to them. My five, seven and nine-year-olds also found it extremely interesting. They still like those classic songs and wanted to watch, too! I cannot classify this as just a language resource or just an 'early learning' resource, because it does an incredible job of crossing over into other areas that would be beneficial to a large group of learners. If you have a student learning Japanese (any age), or if you have a preschool aged child who doesn't necessarily need to learn Japanese, I would recommend this video. It is fun, cultural, and an easy way to implement those early lessons.

It retails for $18.87 at the Baby International website. In the future they expect to develop additional DVDs in more languages to offer. Can't wait to see those! Check out their very cute website at:

I was impressed with this unique product, and I expect it won't be long before they are a well-known and respected name in the educational community. My family loved it.

--Review by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine's Senior Editor Jenefer Igarashi, and additionally tested by Coie, Ryann, Emmiko, Bo and Geoffy