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No Limits: No Boundaries! My Journey Through the ABC's Review by Deanna Jasper

Julian English and Natasha Moulton-Levy
No Limits: No Boundaries!
(410) 340-5398
13595 Julia Manor Way
West Friendship, MD 21794

No Limits: No Boundaries! My Journey Through the ABC’s is a literary trip around the world, with each letter representing a place that the authors (a young boy named Julian English and his mother Natasha Moulton-Levy) have visited with their family. As incredible as their travels around the world are, what’s even more amazing is the story of Julian’s journey from birth. Born fifteen weeks early, weighing less than two pounds, Julian faced enormous challenges from the moment he entered the world, the effects of some continuing to throw obstacles in his way years later. Realizing he learned best through experiences, his parents decided to supplement his education by traveling around the world.

The thirty-six-page softcover book ($17.95) reads like an alphabetical scrapbook of their adventures sandwiched between an introduction by Moulton-Levy, and a series of final comments from doctors and specialists who have been a part of Julian’s journey. Each full color page features pictures of Julian, sometimes with members of his family, learning about a new place or experience, as well as maps, flags or other related images. Two fonts are used to differentiate what Julian himself has to say from the fuller explanations of his mom. My kids and I enjoyed the peek into Julian’s mind through his comments, like on the page “D is for Dublin,” where he notes, “When the Irish people spoke, it sounded like music to me.”

From Australia to Zoo, No Limits: No Boundaries! My Journey Through the ABC’s will whet your family’s appetite for exploring the world. My kids were in awe of all the places Julian has been, and enjoyed taking their time studying each page, marveling in the uniqueness of the various places. While I had intended to read the book just with my four-year old and six-year old, my ten-year old was equally interested. I loved the way the book got them thinking about how much there is to learn about the world, as well as the way the book helped foster appreciation for the challenges some people face and admiration for their determination to push beyond any limits or boundaries that might seem to stand in their way.

-Product review by Deanna Jasper, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2018