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Small Books Sewing Pattern and The Seamstress Apron Sewing Pattern Review by Nancy Mayes

Linda Feldman
Craft Apple Creations

I often reminisce and reflect upon the days that I used to spend in front of my sewing machine. With multiple projects going at any given time. I would periodically find myself still sitting in my pajamas long after it should have been dinner time. Sewing was therapy for me and my many fabulous creations were evidence of such. Somewhere along the line, however, I found myself buried in the busyness of life and my crafting days slowly faded into a memory.

That was until my three younger children started showing an interest in sewing. It started with them seeking permission to cut up old clothing to make doll clothes. I patiently taught them little things like how to easily tie a knot in the string, the importance of seam allowances as they planned their patterns and how to give their clothing a hem for a more finished look. Then, my closest and dearest friend showed up for a week-long visit, with plans to teach them how to turn an old pair of jeans into a purse. The girls were 9 and 11 at the time and it was a love at first sight moment between them and the sewing machine. I knew I was doomed and I was going to have to tune up the old sewing machine and pull out the various tools that I had packed away.

Shortly after they began to wield their creative spirits, we received the PDF versions of two different Patterns from Craft Apple Creations: the Small Books Sewing Pattern (31 pages) and The Seamstress Apron Sewing Pattern (13 pages). The girls did not waste any time at all gathering the fabrics that they wanted to use to make the patterns.

We started with the Small Books. There were three possible books patterns to choose from: a mini patchfolio, a quilted brag book and a little artist drawing case. Both of the girls decided to make the drawing case and their younger brother (7) decided that he wanted to join in on the fun and make the mini patchfolio. I was close by as the oldest daughter (almost 13) assembled hers. I wanted to ensure that she had any guidance necessary along the way. The instructions were simple for someone with experience to understand but seemed to be a little more difficult for my kids. However, once we finished her project, she was able to take the reins and guide her sister through the process without any problem. Their younger brother and I were then able to work through his project just as easily.

Once the books were completed, the girls took it upon themselves to start the apron project. I would have stayed close by had I known, but I was not aware. They actually managed to get all of their pieces cut out and their apron almost half finished before they needed my help. This was a really proud mom moment.

All in all, these downloadable patterns are well worth their $5 price tag. The girls are already selecting materials to make the Little Artist Drawing Case as gifts for their friends. It is with joy that I am witnessing them develop a love of sewing. We just might have to see what other patterns are available through Craft Apple when they tire of these two.

-Product review by Nancy Mayes, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2018