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Reading Eggs (Online Reading Resource) Review by Lisa Rupertus

Blake eLearning
37 West 26th Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10010

Reading Eggs is a digital learning system. The goal of the program is to create an enjoyable educational environment by incorporating games, songs, bright colors and interactive graphics to motivate the child in learning basic skills. The reward system of earning eggs is a wonderful way to inspire kids to complete each level.  This program can be used online with a computer or by downloading the app to your phone or tablet. There are three levels to Reading Eggs and the program is designed for ages two-thirteen depending on the level chosen.

The first level, Reading Eggs Junior is for 2-4 years of age and perfect for the toddler that is excited to learn. Bright colors, animals and sounds keep their little attention spans. Next is Reading Eggs which is designed for ages 4-7. This is the program most people start with. Beginner readers will be introduced to letters and sounds as they work through the reading skills, the program helps kid cement those skills. Reading Eggspress is for ages 7-13 and is a continuation of the fun learning styles of the previous two levels. Kids in this group will have the basic reading skills which they will use during this level. Reading books and activities will help them strengthen their skills.

We used this program with my seven-year-old son and his two year old brother. I chose to download the app to my phone. I was looking for a supplement to our book curriculum for my first grader. Something he could do independently that would help him practice his skills. We found that the third level is right where he needs to be with a little trial and error. He seems to enjoy using it. I wish we would have found the program sooner and had started from the junior level as a supplement to our homeschool.  At seven he can easily navigate and work on his own which is a big plus.

My two-year-old loves his junior level and asks to do it often. It is the perfect thing for him because he is learning new skills daily. I’m so happy that they have a lower level to begin with. He loves completing task and earning his eggs. The puzzles and letters are his two favorite activities. He will re-do many of them because he enjoys doing them. I have seen improvement with the memory game as he didn’t understand the concept at first but now he has figured it out. He also has begun to recognize the first few letters which I credit to this program. We have not done any formal learning aside from this program for him and at two this is really enough. The rest of our learning comes from play.

I really like this program as it fills in the gaps we had with reading. I think it is an excellent supplement. It is a little tricky to navigate from a parent’s perspective. I am not sure I have found all there is on either level. I think that might be part of the design. Kids love to explore and discover new things and the set-up has a bit of that quality to it. It was a bit frustrating for me as I like to open and click on the activity. (You can do that but it took me a bit to discover how.) This did not bother either child one bit. Both have used apps to play games and love the freedom to explore and try out all the areas on their levels.

We used this along with our homeschooling, but I think it would be great for all kids regardless of education choices. The freedom to spend as little or as much time makes this an easy way to incorporate it into any child’s day.  For us a major plus is the convenience of having the app on my phone. I love that while we are running errands I can pull out my phone and either child can do something that is truly educational making the most of our time. As a homeschool mom I want my kids to enjoy learning and have fun but at the end of the day I want to make sure we are using our time wisely to accomplish our educational goals. Reading Eggs has been a great way to incorporate those desires.

-Product review by Lisa Rupertus, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2018

Editor’s Note: This program is a fantastic choice for older struggling readers too. Reading Eggs was the only program that clicked for my delayed nine-year-old. We tried a lot of programs, but I recommend and believe in the way Reading Eggs connects with young delayed readers. The game concept was delightful to my daughter and enabled her to conquer her struggles. Today she’s a successful high schooler who enjoys reading. I cannot recommend Reading Eggs highly enough!